Looking at the Possibilities of Fiat Crypto Interoperability in Full-Service Banking

With the advent of cryptocurrency and its subsequent impact on the world economy, the doors to a plethora of business opportunities that earlier seemed inconceivable have opened up. The cryptocurrencies, decentralized apps, smart contracts, and the blockchain technology in general have paved the way for a new technological tomorrow. Features such as seamless & ultra secure transactions, interoperability, robustness, transparency and reliability have made the blockchain based economy a sought-after investing option.

Crypto Fintech Market…

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VivusPay’s 100,000 Transactions Per Second Sets Benchmark for Multicurrency Crypto Wallets

Blockchain and cryptocurrency, once unknown quantities, are really starting to hit their stride. There are many digital cryptocurrency wallets on the market and talk of crypto and blockchain solutions are not just linked to the tech fringe, but are now ubiquitous in the mainstream. Having gained currency, so to speak, in the wider community, the obvious question arises; how can we improve the speed of transactions to suit the needs of users?

The New Blockchain…

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The History of BRAVO Pay

BRAVO was created in 2014 by Maria Luna (MBA) and Dr. Hector Rodriguez when they found themselves in a situation where they needed to pay someone but had no cash on them.

“We were hiking in Southern Utah and had no cash to tip our hiking guide; we then realized there should be a way to digitally pay someone for their services, without the need to exchange personal details or information - just a payment. …

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Neluns: An Innovative Financial Ecosystem

Neluns, also known as NLS, is a new financial ecosystem which uses an innovative technology allowing to operate with cryptocurrency and fiat. It will start its ICO in the last days of July 2018. The team at Neluns will create favorable conditions for the growth of the cryptocurrency market. Neluns is divided into 3 elements: a bank, an insurance company, and a cryptocurrency exchange. Each element is interactive to both fiat and cryptocurrency. NLS Company …

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ChronoLogic Moves Forward With Temporal Innovation in 2018

ChronoLogic’s vision has always been to solve time-based problems on the blockchain. The partnership with Piper Mirriam on the Ethereum Alarm Clock has provided a core focus on scheduling with a lot of tooling for scheduling applications.

Decentralized, Trustless Scheduling

The Ethereum Alarm Clock is the first on-chain, decentralized scheduling protocol for Ethereum, it provides crypto-economic incentives for TimeNodes to execute transactions in the future for third parties. This opens up a lot of use-cases …

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The AGATE Blockchain is Like Paypal for Cryptocurrencies

Introducing the Agate Blockchain, a complete set of decentralized blockchain-based applications, that provides a comprehensive crypto infrastructure with an ability to support millions of everyday transactions simultaneously on a real-time basis. Just like PayPal, a digital payments platform for making payments in Fiat currency, Agate Blockchain offers powerful ways for users to transact using cryptocurrencies, whether online or offline.

While millions of users are actively using PayPal as a medium for payments, the payments platform …

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Blockchain Breakthrough: Why Scheduling Future Transactions Changes Everything

ChronoLogic To Integrate Ethereum Alarm Clock Into MyCrypto.com

At first, Bitcoin and other digital currencies had only a cult following. In the early days, there were only visionaries at meetups who were optimistic enough to think that a protocol could change the global economy.

But now the idealism is becoming a reality and digital currencies are being viewed as legitimate competitors with global currencies.

Even though the list of advantages of cryptocurrencies is a mile …

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MILC to Create a Blockchain-Managed License, Trading, & Sales Platform for HQ Video Content

The market plausibility of the global TV industry is huge. With video content being the highest selling commodity of late, this high-potential sector is effortlessly striding towards a whopping 500 billion Euros turnover by the end of 2018. The growing international content trade in TV, VOD and online publishing, however, is not without the inherent hassles involving complex license agreements and disquieting intermediaries.

Resulting from the increased projection of video licenses into global markets is …

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