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Top 5 Bitcoiners That Love Weed – Bits & Pieces #24

Happy 420! For probably a variety of reasons, April 20 is a day when people celebrate the cannabis subculture and perhaps consume a few extra green sticky leaves.

My co-host, Tim Baker, told me once that he thinks special days like this are not ideal, even though he appreciates the object of the celebration. He thinks that festivities tend to make people overexcited about things that they don't fully understand. That could be true in many cases, but I still want to spend some time today focusing on weed. In particular, I want to recognize some of the people who do fully understand what it's all about.

This list contains my top five picks for people who love Bitcoin and appreciate drugs for the right reasons. It's not exhaustive by any means. I'm sure there are plenty of other great people out there who love Bitcoin and weed, but these are a few that I especially respect.

These people may or may not be massive stoners. I don't know much about their personal lives. What I do know is that they are able to reasonably acknowledge the value of drugs and support the right to use safely. They also love Bitcoin.

#5: Julia Tourianski, Liberty Activist

Julia TourianskiJulia Tourianski (BraveTheWorld) went on the Let's Talk Bitcoin podcast in January 2015, during the Silk Road trial. She was there to explain why every single person should be standing up for freedom every day.

Her YouTube channel is filled with videos and interviews about anarchy, drug rights, and Bitcoin. Julia relentlessly encourages people understand why freedom matters. We need more like her.

#4: Josh Dellay, Cannacoin Developer

CannacoinJosh Dellay (aka SubCreative) has joined us on the YMB podcast at least three times. All the way back in episode 22, we had him on to chat about his own cryptocurrency, Cannacoin. The cannabis-centered altcoin has seen a exciting level of development and currently has a market cap of over $17,000.

Hailing from Washington State, Josh has tons of experience in the cannabis space. He co-founded the NW Greenthumb forum, regularly attends cannabis conferences, and even sells glass pipes for Cannacoin. Keep it up Josh!

#3: Adam Kokesh, FREEDOM! Activist

Adam Kokesh is probably best known for his provocative pro-freedom demonstrations. I'm using the word provocative in more than one way. He can definitely piss off the cops, security officers, public office candidates, and the like, but he also gets his viewers thinking.

In the midst of all this activism, we've regularly seen Kokesh supporting Bitcoin and we definitely know he loves cannabis:

If you're interested in learning more about the liberty that Kokesh advocates, check out his free book, FREEDOM!

#2: Bitcoin Belle, Bitcoin and Liberty Activist

Bitcoin Belle (Michele Seven) is a huge Bitcoin- and liberty-lover. She joined us for episode 56 of the YMB podcast to chat about the trial of Ross Ulbricht. She worked hard during that time to raise awareness of the case and push for Ross's acquittal.

On that episode, Michele also shared some of her past and explained how marijuana helped her through some very difficult times. She's now an activist because she knows the benefits that drugs can have and wants everyone to have safer access to them.

#1: Ross Ulbricht, Drug Market Mastermind

You can't talk about Bitcoin and drugs without mentioning Ross Ulbricht and the Silk Road. Many have called Ulbricht a hero because of the way he enabled people around the globe to have safer access to drugs.

Ross UlbrichtThe Silk Road was not some dark alleyway in the sketchy part of town. It was an online community where users never had to come in physical contact with each other. The system was worlds safer than any drug trade on the street could be. Nothing has a risk level of zero, but the Silk Road was pretty darn close.

Now Ross Ulbricht is facing criminal penalties for his service to humanity. When creating the Silk Road, he surely knew that he could get in serious trouble, but he took the risk anyway. He saw how Bitcoin could be used to make the world a better place and he seized the opportunity despite the risk. He's exactly the kind of person that we need in the Bitcoin space.

Before I wrap up, there is one honorable mention that I have to include: Lyn Ulbricht, Ross's mother. She was at Ross's side throughout the trial and continues to fight for him. Learn more about the effort and provide support here.

Leave a comment and let me know if you think there is anyone else that should have made the list!


  1. Such a crime that Ross Ulbricht is sitting in jail right now. Bitcoin is a tremendous tool in personal freedom on the internet.

  2. love the podcast, keep up the good work guys!

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