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What is Bitcoin Gaming? What Are the Best Games?

Gamification is big news across the digital marketing sector right now. It's the concept of turning some otherwise mundane task, such as sitting through a safety briefing, into a game. The theory is that we will be more engaged, pay better attention and do the task more willingly and effectively.

The notion of Bitcoin games turns the gamification model on its head. Instead of starting with an important task and making a game of it, we start with a game, but spice it up with the ability to derive real financial benefit. Given the current price of Bitcoin, that sounds like serious business, so let's take a look at some of the best Bitcoin games.

Place Your Bets at the Casino

We all know crypto can be a bit of a gamble, so where better to start than in the online casino? Lots of people like the occasional wager, whether they do so at the blackjack table or they play Book of the Dead slots or Starburst. Working out the best way to transfer money to and from a casino account can be a conundrum, with some methods taking time to complete and others adding a hefty surcharge. Bitcoin casino games have a lot going for them in that they are secure, and transactions are quick, seamless and usually at no extra charge.

Get Mining

Mining games are, in many respects, the simplest form of Bitcoin game going. They work along the traditional gamification principle, inasmuch as they seek to inject some fun into the arduous and unexciting task of Bitcoin mining. Rollercoin is a good example here. It's free to play, and anyone who grew up in the 1980s will definitely identify with the retro graphics and gameplay. Mining Bitcoins for fun? Why not?

Simple Flash Games

We've all dipped into a flash game from time to time to kill a few idle minutes or simply allow the brain to recharge a little. Wouldn't it be great to earn some Bitcoin while we do so? Until the end of last year, Tremor Games was the site of choice with its wide range of arcade-style games. Sadly, though, the site shut down at the end of last year. There are alternatives like Gamefaucet or Saru Tobi, but for something with a bit of a twist, try Cash Clamber. Here, you can create games of your own, and even play them online with friends, earning some BTC every time you do so.

Trading Games

If flying monkeys and the like are not really for you, there are plenty of Bitcoin games that are a little more serious. Platforms like Spark Profit let you try your hand at trading the market without having to lay down any money. Best of all, you can still come away with some Bitcoin earnings. It's the ideal platform for anyone who is tempted to dip a toe into the trading waters but wants to start at the shallow end.

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