Android App Review: BTC Faucets Bitcoin

by Tim Baker

Until recently, I hadn't used a Bitcoin faucet for several years. I lost most of my interest when the price went above $100, but I decided to try out the BTC Faucets Bitcoin app on Google Play. This app groups together and manages a total of 37 Bitcoin faucet sites that work through Coinbox, BitChest, and I used my Motorola X for testing.

There is no registration required, so the app is very quick and easy to start up. It's even quick to download, at just 2.5MB. All I had to do was grab a Bitcoin address from my phone’s wallet app and I was ready to start using the various faucet sites.

The app's main purpose is to take away the tedious work of copying and pasting at each faucet by saving your Bitcoin address for you. It will be automatically filled in to the appropriate section on each page. You still have to complete the captcha, but some reviews I read said the app would place your cursor in the correct location for that. Unfortunately, I didn’t experience this for some reason.

Using this app reminded me why I quit using faucets in the first place. Even the best ones pay out very little, and the bad ones have so many ads that they're annoying just to look at and even worse to actually navigate. It's not really the app's fault, but if you get bored completing captcha after captcha for a paltry amount of satoshis, then this app isn’t for you.

One notable problem is that several of the websites listed in the app no longer send payments at all, and these have not yet been removed by the developers. If you are going to make a faucet app, I think one of your main concerns should be clearing away any that have gone down or are not paying out.

Also, there is a ticker that is supposed to start counting down after you use each faucet to let you know when you can use it again. Unfortunately, this is another feature that never worked for me, so it proved difficult to keep track of which faucets I had been to already. All of the tickers showed a big fat zero and never changed.

For the most part, the BTC Faucets Bitcoin app does what it's supposed to do. While reading other reviews, I found that some people had the same problems as me, some had more, and some had less, so the user experience really depends on your device. If you don’t mind using faucets or if you are just looking for your first free bitcoins, it might be worth checking out.

3/5 Stars

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