Bitcoin Black Friday at Newegg

Bitcoin Black Friday at Newegg

Hello my name is Tim and I have a confession to make. I have many vices, but this is the one that I am most ashamed of: I am a money hoarder. Every time I play a video game with a monetary system, I become a miser of epic proportions. And there is no currency that I am more miserly with than our orange beauty, Bitcoin. However, I have been making an effort recently to actually spend my coins instead of keeping them locked up on paper, and Newegg did a great job of tempting me with their Bitcoin Black Friday sales.

I'd been looking for a new laptop for several months. My old Asus was starting to show signs of slowing down and had generally become a pain in the ass. I was already pretty set on purchasing from Newegg since I was so pleased with their service when I originally bought my Asus, and their decision to begin accepting Bitcoin this past July made the choice even easier. It was just a matter of waiting for a time when there was a sale going and I was feeling like spending my precious few coins.

The perfect moment came this past Thanksgiving when my current laptop was running worse than usual. I felt like treating myself for the holidays and Newegg had some fantastic Black Friday sales. I should mention that I had some help from You, Me, and BTC's own Daniel Brown in picking a laptop since he is incredibly technically savvy and I trust him without hesitation when it comes to decisions like this. I should also mention he will see and most likely edit this article, so make your own inference as to the validity of my claims.

When Daniel sent me a link to Newegg's Bitcoin Black Friday ad showing a decently priced HP laptop, I snatched up the deal pretty quickly. The price had already been slashed about $70 for Black Friday, and Bitcoin users would save another $70. Newegg uses Bitpay for payment processing and I have no complaints there. The whole process went very smoothly. They allow the standard 15 minutes for your Bitcoin transaction to hit the network, but I didn't have any problems sending from my Mycelium wallet. It took seconds for me to know that my payment was complete and I would be receiving my brand spanking new silicon racehorse in just a few days.

There were four different shipping options ranging from "Newegg Next Business Day" to the 4-7 business day "Super Eggsaver." Guess which one this cheap bastard picked. I was very happy to receive my laptop right on the fourth business day. I am even more happy that Newegg decided to forgo plastering their logo all over the delivery box. I don't live in the nicest area and my mailman seems to enjoy placing large packages right in front of my door where the whole neighborhood can see them. When I got my last laptop, it had been sitting there for a few hours with “Newegg” emblazoned across the box announcing to everyone that there were electronics sitting inside. Thankfully, this time around Newegg opted for simpler packaging. The only reason I knew what was inside was because I hadn't ordered anything else big enough for that kind of a box, so it was either a laptop or someone had finally sent a bomb to kill me for my horrendous podcasting.

I kind of wish something had gone wrong during this experience so that I would have something to complain about here, but I honestly can't think of anything that would earn Newegg a negative rating in my book. Unless there's a bomb inside the laptop, in which case Daniel will be sure to update this review ASAP.

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