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Bitcoin Gambling at – Casino Review

This is an overview of, one of the leading online gambling casinos that allows users to gamble with cryptocurrencies. Your gambling currency is not limited to Bitcoins. You can also gamble with six other coins: Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Peercoin, Gridcoin and even Gamecredits!

Presented in August 2014, is not your average gambling platform. It is packed with impressive features that make the site truly unique.

Bitcoin CasinoOne thing that makes the site more appealing than others is the sleek user interface with six different styles. So choose a style that soothes your eyes. The layout of the online casino is made in such a way that even a user who is considered a neophyte can start placing bets and become an old hand user in just few minutes.

Want to gamble and don't have a PC/laptop in front of you? You know the heart wants what it wants. Take out your phone, head to and be surprised. Thanks to the developers, the site is fully optimized for smartphones and mobile-friendly, making gambling more portable!

As a user, going through a long registration process is not amusing. Many gambling site makes you undergo a strenuous signup process. But has a painless and straightforward signup process. In fact, you don't even have to register because as soon as you enter the site, an account with a predefined username is assigned to you and you can start betting in seconds. Of course, you can change your username later and use an email/password to secure your account. And if you're still afraid of getting your account compromised, you can use two-factor authentication (2FA) to make your account even more secure. currently offers four different games: Dice, Blackjack, Slot, and Lottery. We can expect more games to be added soon, too. brags one of the lowest house edges in the Bitcoin gambling community. The dice game has an amazingly small house edge of 0.8% which is impressively very low compared to other dice sites! The house edge for slots is 1.97% and blackjack's is 1.25%. Those are not bad at all compared to other gambling platforms. So savor their house edge.


Playing dice on is as easy as A-B-C. You just have to set your preferred bet size (the amount you want to wager), select your payout (low payout, high chance of winning and vice versa). and decide whether you want to roll over or under a certain number. This number depends on your win-chance/payout-multiplier. If you predict right, you win. But if your prediction is wrong, oh well. All I can say is better luck next time.

The dice game also features auto-bet, which advanced users might be interested in. This allows you to bet automatically and has tons of options that can be adjusted to your personal preferences.

Speed matters. We don't want to be stuck on a site that has a large delay after each bets placed. offers ultra fast rolling speed with up to 12 bets per second!

The dice game also has a progressive jackpot that is currently over 1 BTC! Head to the FAQ section to learn more about the jackpot and how to win it.

The dice game currently has over 255 million bets!

BlackJack and Slot offers BlackJack and Slot for gamblers who are interested in card games and slot machines. The house edges, as mentioned above, are 1.25% and 1.97%. The UI is simple, fast and easy to understand.


We are all familiar with lotteries. allows you to try your luck with lotto tickets. The draw takes place twice per week, on Wednesday and Saturday. Each ticket costs 0.0001 BTC and you can buy as many tickets as you want. All but 1.5% of the pot is distributed among three winners as follows:

1st place: 80% of total pot
2nd place: 14% of total pot
3rd place: 4.5% of total pot

The lottery currently supports two coins only: Dogecoin and Bitcoin.

So why not try your luck at the lotto? Some people have even won with just 1 ticket!

Deposit and Withdrawals

Deposits at are instant! No waiting for confirmations! You will be given a personal deposit address so you can transfer your coins from your wallet instantly and start playing.

To withdraw your coins you will need to have at least 2 confirmations. But to compensate for this, transaction fees are covered by the casino!


Don't have funds but still want to try your luck? Or want to try out the site for free before you risk anything? This won't be an issue because has a Bitcoin faucet that awards prizes from 1000 to 20,500 Satoshis! That's right, you can get 20,500 free Satoshis with each claim! You can also get free altcoins the same way. The faucet claim has limits that can be increased based on your account rank! The higher your level, the higher more you can claim. There are thirty faucet levels.


This casino allows you to invest your coins on the bankroll and get fixed amount of share from house profit. You can invest anytime you want but you have to wait for 24 hours to divest your funds. Currently they share 80% of profit with investors.

So what are you waiting for? Invest to the bankroll and become a part of the casino today!


While you're auto-betting you can socialize with other users. allows you to chat while you gamble. Be active in chat and receive tips in the form of rains! Or be a philanthropist and tip other users. Friendly moderators are always around to make sure everyone abides by site rules. If you have any questions or problems just contact a moderator and they will happily help.

Support offers support via email or you can open a ticket through You can even contact site admins directly through chat whenever they are online and will get an instant response.

Provably Fair

All bets made at are provably fair and can be verified. This casino enables you to verify the integrity of each and every bet placed and confirm they are not manipulated in any way. This is why is one of the most trusted gambling sites out there.

For more detailed information about and its several services, you can contact them via the following channels:

Email: [email protected]

*This casino review is a sponsored post.

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