Finding the Best Bitcoin Online Poker

Popular online casinos such as 888Poker offer a large variety of banking methods that ensure transactions are fast, offer low to no fees and give you the opportunity to make withdrawals within seconds.

However, with the introduction of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the world of online transactions has changed to become even faster while still including high levels of security. At the same time, these currencies have introduced a new range of risks, especially when playing with an establishment that doesn't operate under legit licenses.

Online multiplayer poker has also recently become available to those who seek a gaming experience using cryptocurrencies. Of course, these currencies offer additional benefits especially when it comes to being anonymous and playing with a currency that has proven to be more valuable than gold. So, how does Bitcoin poker change the game and does its present any new features that are worth considering?

For the most part, Bitcoin poker presents the same gaming features, but adds the additional security that comes with being completely anonymous. It's important to mention that your choice of Bitcoin casino plays a major role in the games available, the security they feature and how safe your information is. Therefore, we'll give you a few pointers on finding the best in Bitcoin poker without falling victim to a scam or fraud.

Choose Licensed Establishments

The first step in ensuring you join a Bitcoin poker site that is both secure and values privacy, is opting for an establishment that operates under a trusted license. There are various licenses to choose from, but not all of them offer the same level of player protection or implement the rules and regulations relating to fairness.

Licensing establishments such as Gibraltar, Malta Gaming Authority and the UK gambling commission are known to be some of the most trusted and strictest in the world. Therefore, sites such as 888Poker remain the best choices as they follow the rules and regulations set out by a licensing establishment that safeguards security, fairness and professional gaming.

Poker platforms that operate under these licenses also need to include banking options that offer industry-standard security and privacy. Therefore, the cryptocurrency wallets need to operate under a license of their own and prove that they are secure and take full responsibility.

There are also many secure and trusted online poker sites that include standard banking methods such as Skrill and Neteller that allow you to buy Bitcoin with those methods and play poker only a few seconds later. For those of you who are new to Bitcoin poker, this is one of the most secure and recommended methods to get into the game.

Choose a Trusted Bitcoin Wallet

While the poker platforms you choose plays a major role in your security, it's also important to choose a cryptocurrency wallet that's registered and licensed. If you do not currently have a Bitcoin wallet, the best place to start is to choose a poker site that meets all your requirements in terms of security and includes the option to play with Bitcoin. These websites are bound to include Bitcoin wallets or at least the information you need to see the most trusted options.

Sure, we can provide you with a list of cryptocurrency wallets, but you might be wasting your time to create an account with one only to find that your preferred poker site does not support the wallet you've chosen. Therefore, it's best to choose a wallet at the poker site of your choice.

The great thing about major wallets is if you choose a Bitcoin wallet that offers more than just transactions, you can also use it to invest in other cryptocurrencies, which can later be used to play poker or to simply enjoy the gains in value these currencies have shown over the last few years.

To complete the registration with a trusted cryptocurrency wallet, make a deposit and get your funds into your poker account which only takes a couple of minutes. Alternatively, you can join a poker site that allows you to buy Bitcoin using popular web wallets, credit cards and even debit cards. These sites allow you to withdraw your funds into a cryptocurrency wallet or you can convert your withdrawal into a different currency and use the same method you made a deposit.

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