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SatoshiDice – Still the Original and the Best Bitcoin Dice Game

Being the first in something doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll always be the best. For example, Steve Jobs wasn’t the first person to make an MP3 player - but he became the best. SatoshiDice has broken that mould, however, with their Bitcoin dice site.

One of the First

SatoshiDice is a Bitcoin casino style site that was first set up in 2012. While many other Bitcoin dice sites have come out of the woodwork since then, they haven’t quite matched up to the original (yet). This is certainly quite a feat, in an ever-changing tech savvy generation. So, what is it that makes SatoshiDice stand out from the crowd? And how have they managed to retain so many loyal customers?

Provably Fair

One of the most exciting parts of the SatoshiDice software, when it first came out, was that it was provably fair. This was one of the first online casino-style websites in the world to use such a system - and many others soon followed suit. Provably fair systems are quite complex, but they prevent underhand tactics which can impact on a site’s trustworthiness. SatoshiDice also has a section for you to verify the last roll, so that you can see the provably fair system in action.

Two Different Ways to Play

Another plus for players at SatoshiDice is that there are two ways to play. The first is to use the website, which is similar to other Bitcoin dice websites. There are two sliders on the main page, which make it easy for you to set bet amount or chance of winning. This will then update the figure in the middle - which is how much you can win!

The second is to gamble on the blockchain, by sending Bitcoin to a specific wallet address. The system works out whether you’ve won and credits any winnings back to your account. This is an extremely quick and efficient way of playing a Bitcoin dice game.

Free Bitcoin Faucet

On top of all this, SatoshiDice has a free Bitcoin faucet every 60 seconds! Members get the chance to win 200 Satoshi every minute, as long as they’re registered to the site. This is a lot better than many of the ‘small print’ bonus offers you get when you sign up with other sites - which usually make you play through the bonus dozens of times before being able to withdraw any money.

So, can you be the original and the best? It seems as though SatoshiDice is giving it a good go!

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