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Bill Clinton to Speak for Ripple ROFL – YMB Podcast E253

You, Me, and BTC Podcast E253

This is episode 253 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

Today's show was a little crazy. We didn't prepare one bit but we still knocked it out of the park.

We kicked things off by talking about Ripple's decision to get Bill Clinton as a keynote speaker. LUL. Where did Ripple get the funds to hire him, anyway? And why would he have any interest in talking about cryptocurrency?

Then …

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RIP BTC – YMB Podcast E224

You, Me, and BTC Podcast E224

This is episode 224 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

She's dead, Jim. The Bitcoin price is well below $10,000 now and there's no way she's coming back.


Look, we've covered Bitcoin ups and downs countless times before. You know the deal. We love it when the price goes up but Bitcoin is about way more than just dollars. We'll try not to repeat that too much tonight, …

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Be Ahead of The Curve on Latest AdTech Trends

My name is Alex Shishow. I am a founder and CEO of Native Video Box, an independent video platform with a native approach to advertising. We are trying to build a next-gen AdTech product that will resemble YouTube as cryptocurrencies resemble traditional banks. This will significantly change the landscape of our area of AdTech.

AdTech and the digital ad industry are experiencing vertiginous growth. Digital media has already surpassed linear television to become the top …

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This Browser Takes Anonymous Surfing to the Next Level. But Is It Enough? – YMB Podcast E146

Brave Browser

This is episode 146 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

We all know Tor is cool for anonymous browsing. Adblock is cool for, well, blocking ads. And ProTip is cool for tipping our favorite publishers with Bitcoin. But what if we could have all of the above in one fast, safe, and secure browser? Supposedly, such a product is in the works over at Brave.

So today's show is …

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The All-Seeing Facebook – YMB Podcast E130

Facebook's All-Seeing Eyes

This is episode 130 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

As much as some people hate it, Facebook really can see just about everything. The social media giant knows your deepest secrets - at least it thinks it does.

We recently discovered Facebook's ad preferences page, where it lists the criteria that is uses to target ads to us. It covers categories like "Hobbies and Activities" and "Shopping and Fashion" …

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