Be Ahead of The Curve on Latest AdTech Trends

My name is Alex Shishow. I am a founder and CEO of Native Video Box, an independent video platform with a native approach to advertising. We are trying to build a next-gen AdTech product that will resemble YouTube as cryptocurrencies resemble traditional banks. This will significantly change the landscape of our area of AdTech.

AdTech and the digital ad industry are experiencing vertiginous growth. Digital media has already surpassed linear television to become the top category in advertising revenue. And video advertising became the fastest growing advertising segment in 2017. While market players enjoy the benefits of this growth, we can't help feeling that it's time for AdTech to make a step forward.

For FinTech, this step forward became blockchain. FinTech is currently the hottest industry technology wise, while AdTech, which was miles ahead only only a few years ago, is lagging behind. It is clear that AdTech also needs blockchain to keep up.

But simply implementing blockchain won’t be enough for a newest generation AdTech company. You need to keep up with the trends in the industry, predict and work with them. We at Native Video Box aim at bringing together blockchain and the hottest market trends, to create the future of advertising with transparency and fair revenues share in its core philosophy.

I would like to speak about the hottest trends on the market and difficulties the industry is currently facing.

Advertising is Going Video

Big Adech companies acquired video companies to be in trend. For instance, Taboola has splashed tens of millions of dollars on a video ad tech company ConvertMedia and Adobe has acquired video ads company TubeMogul for $540 million.

"Enterprise vendors will remain acquisitive, as it typically makes more sense for them to purchase a vendor’s tools than try to develop them internally given the speed and innovative nature of the market." said Seth Ulinski, Senior Analyst at Technology Business Research Inc.

In total,the digital video advertising sector grew by more than 50% in 2016 alone.

NVB, as the company focused at 100% on the video advertising, believes that the trend will go further.

Machine Learning is the New Black...

It's 2017, no serious Adtech service can thrive without the Machine Learning - a fact that isn't up for debate! As for me, the best part of employing Machine Learning for Optimization in advertising is that it reduces human effort by employing a data oriented approach and reduces human error. Call it my own weird thing, but I sleep well only when impartiality of the algorithms is guaranteed.

Scott Brinker, the VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot and the editor at, says that "machine learning has reached a level of maturity where it's being applied in more and more practical use cases in marketing... It's got a long ways to go, but it's progressing quickly. Definitely a trend to watch in 2017."

Forbes even recently asked: "Will Machine Learning Eliminate The Need For Ad Agencies?" - we guess it won't, but the fact that this question is being asked is already meaningful.

If Machine Learning becomes commonplace, it will assure NVB that we have chosen the right direction. Since our founding, the main idea behind our service was to select videos most suitable to page content. It wouldn’t be possible without Machine Learning.

...But Privacy is the New Luxury!

In October 2016, we saw the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ordered opt-in permission from users before about cookies. Also, the General Data Protection Regulation from the European Parliament and Council is here. Even though it doesn't come into effect until May 25, 2018, everybody in AdTech is already preparing for the regulation to come into full force.

Privacy issues of users have become critically important, the result of many cases of websites collecting personal data without permission. NVB policy therefore states that we do not collect user data out of respect for the privacy of users and we expect the crypto community to support our values.

Programmatic Ads (Especially Mobile Programmatic) Will Break Records

Programmatic advertising is everywhere, a digital video report from AOL confirms, with 91% of brands and agencies buying video programmatically, and 88% of publishers claiming to sell their video inventory programmatically.

"Every year for the last five years has been the year of mobile. We are definitely in the period of mobile and that's not going anywhere anytime soon. In 2017, three-fourths of the $32 billion in programmatic spending is expected to run on mobile devices." said Robert Brill, founder of BrillMedia and CEO of Hyperlocal Digital And Programmatic Advertising Programmatic Buying Group.

We focused on programmatic from the very beginning of the project. In fact, we’re selling 100% of our current inventory programatically.  We expect that more than 60% of our whole traffic in 2018 will be mobile and are gearing up to optimize the experience and monetzation of mobile users.

Native Advertising Will Rule Them All

With ad blockers becoming more and more popular and selective blindness of internet users turning into ubiquitous phenomenon, native advertising - native in content as well as in style – is becoming more and more of a key to effective digital marketing. With users targeted better and more data available on particular user the more focused - and, in a way, non-intrusive - approach becomes the most effective way to sell products and services.

"Native advertising will be the future of advertising and it benefits everyone in the ecosystem; the users, the publishers, the advertisers. We need to really reconnect with the users in the advertising space otherwise we’re all of out of jobs." said Ekin Ozenci, Mobile Product Specialist at Google.

According to Business Intelligence report, this sector of digital advertising is already bigger than any other and will grow to $36.3 Billion and constitute 74% of the market by 2021.

"Native" is our first name. This is because we're on the cutting edge of this trend. Both with pre-rolls in our native widget and native video promos, Native Video Box will give a new meaning to native advertising.

NVB will continue to be in front of the pack when it comes to these advertising trends, our algorithmic MVP will guarantee that.

To see how you can make this plan a reality and enjoy some benefits in the meantime, join us for the NVB Token Pre-Sale right now and get exclusive benefits only early on-boarders will enjoy.

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