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How Blockchain Might Change How We Pay for Things

Bitcoin and the blockchain technology behind it have been grabbing headlines across the world for some time now. While the majority of these headlines are in relation to the popular cryptocurrency's astronomic 2000% increase in value on the Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) over the course of 2017, there has been a quieter revolution taking place behind the scenes.

The skyrocketing value of the price of Bitcoin, which hit $7500 per unit in November 2017, and …

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Mining Ban, Illegal Data on Blockchain, Facebook Data Wreckage, & More – YMB Podcast E234

You, Me, and BTC Podcast E234

This is episode 234 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

It's been an absolutely crazy week. For starters, a city in New York banned Bitcoin mining. How can we tolerate this? Isn't computer code supposed to be free speech? How did authoritarian policies make this possible? Tune in for all the details and our opinions.

A few days ago, we found out that if you keep a copy of the …

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Yet Another Bitcoin Hack & Ryan the Newbie – YMB Podcast E134

Bitfinex Hack

This is episode 134 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

To kick off today's show, we're covering yet another Bitcoin exchange hack. Last Tuesday, Bitfinex was taken for at least $60 million worth of Bitcoin. The Bitcoin price subsequently fell as much as 20%. Although we've said this countless times before, we can't stress enough the importance of safely storing your coin, since events like this are far too

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Hard Forks: Trusting the Bitcoin Network – YMB Podcast E133

Ethereum Hard Fork

This is episode 133 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

This week's show is all about the Ethereum hard fork and what it might mean for Bitcoin. With the help of a hard fork, the Ethereum community has now officially erased The Dao Hack from their blockchain. They now have two versions of their cryptocurrency. The old chain respects the original rules of the network and lets the hacker keep …

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You Won’t Believe! – YMB Podcast E111

Crowdfund for Chris Ellis

This is episode 111 of You, Me, and BTC - your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

You will NOT believe what happens in this OUTRAGEOUS episode! First up, we'll cover Steam's decision to integrate Bitcoin. There aren't too many details yet, but we'll try to guess why it took so long for the innovative digital content provider to move towards crypto.

Then after that, we'll chat about the Crowdfund for Chris Ellis. He's done plenty …

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How Long Until We Forget About Cash?

Author: George Basiladze

In the ever-changing world of finance, many of us grow less and less dependent on physical, paper money. The rapid development of financial technology has allowed us to effectively skip out the physical exchange of monies, as we grow increasingly reliant on e-commerce systems, credit/debit cards and contactless technologies. In many areas of the world, people can go through a regular week without ever needing paper money. In the UK, almost all …

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The Bankchain – YMB Podcast E90

This is episode 90 of You, Me, and BTC - your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

This week, we're chatting about a brand new partnership between at least nine big banks around the globe. They've all decided that a blockchain could provide huge benefits to the world of finance, so they want to develop some protocols for creating and using such a tool. We'll discuss how legitimate and how helpful we think a big bank blockchain …

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