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The DAO Hack, Truth, & Time Travel – YMB Podcast E128

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This is episode 128 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

We haven't actually had a chance to cover the DAO yet, but now the news is bigger than ever and we can't pass it up. It's been hacked. A clever codester was able to siphon off millions of dollars worth of ether because of a bug in the program. Today, we'll chat about the DAO's structure, its purpose, what exactly made this exploit possible, and much more.

We'll also have to spend some time thinking about the future of the DAO. Is there any hope of recovering the stolen funds? Some have proposed rolling Ethereum's blockchain back in time. Would that nullify the truth of the blockchain? What the heck is truth anyway? Is it acceptable for us mere humans to step into the reality of the blockchain and change it?

Tune in for some serious philosophical musings! Your hosts are Daniel Brown, Tim Baker, and John Stuart. Enjoy!

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