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The Ultimate Tips for E-Commerce Site Owners Starting to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

Operating an e-commerce store gives you lots of options that are not available to conventional businesses. One advantage is that e-commerce site owners are in a position to get paid using cryptocurrency - commonly known as digital money. Digital currencies eliminate financial institutions and the government, and allow peer-to-peer transactions.

Lately, the demand for cryptos such as Ethereum and Bitcoin has been on the rise. Nonetheless, the benefits of this technology are not limited to …

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How Blockchain Might Change How We Pay for Things

Bitcoin and the blockchain technology behind it have been grabbing headlines across the world for some time now. While the majority of these headlines are in relation to the popular cryptocurrency's astronomic 2000% increase in value on the Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) over the course of 2017, there has been a quieter revolution taking place behind the scenes.

The skyrocketing value of the price of Bitcoin, which hit $7500 per unit in November 2017, and …

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Is Bitcoin Money? Economist Brett Scott Weighs In – YMB Podcast E223

This is episode 223 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

It's a tough question, really. Is Bitcoin money? To answer that, you have to define money, of course. But who could possibly agree on the definition of money?

Our own Zack Voell and award-winning economist Brett Scott are here today to share their thoughts on those questions and tons of other things that matter. They sat down for a great …

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Trump vs. Hillary: The Race to Tank the Economy & Boost Bitcoin – YMB Podcast E143

Trump vs. Hillary in Bitcoin

This is episode 143 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

Sheeple waste countless hours these days arguing about which presidential candidate will create more jobs or protect us from the evil Muslims and Mexicans. Slightly smarter sheeple argue instead about which candidate is less crooked than the other. But you and I know much better.

This is a liberty podcast for Pete's sake. We all know that neither Trump nor …

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Bitcoin Only Has Value Because of the Gub’ment – YMB Podcast E129

The Government Gives Bitcoin Value

This is episode 129 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

Could that possibly be true? Do we only need Bitcoin because it helps us escape the clutches of our violent overlords? Would truly free human beings have any need for cryptocurrency? Maybe. Today's podcast is all about those questions.

Several avid Bitcoiners (most notably, one of our biggest fans, Cyril Blanc) recently had a heated debate on Twitter about …

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Free Market Flaws – YMB Podcast E118

Bitcoin Free Market

This is episode 118 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

We love liberty, really. But just for fun, we've recently questioned some of the most important aspects of freedom, like privacy and property rights. Today's topic is the free market.

We know we could never trust the government to run the economy, but that doesn't mean the free market is flawless. People are stupid sometimes. They start poor businesses, …

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Karpeles Arrested, Bitcoin Gaming, Politicians, & More Bitcoin Headlines – #YMBLive 8-5-15

Daniel on #YMBLive Bitcoin Headlines

This is another wild episode of #YMBLive, our weekly LIVE Bitcoin podcast! Join us every Wednesday from 1PM-3PM Eastern as we cover the latest Bitcoin headlines and share plenty of crazy Bitcoin opinions. If you can't watch the show live, the audio and video will always be available to download.

This Week's Bitcoin Headlines:

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Overstock.com Now Accepts Bitcoins! Will Amazon Follow?

Overstock.com officially began accepting Bitcoins as payment for its thousands of products on January 9, 2014. This is wonderful news for the entire Bitcoin community because to date, most online stores accepting Bitcoins have been noticeably small or otherwise less than perfect. Overstock.com, on the other hand, is a very large retailer that sells everything from keyboards to mattresses to toothbrushes. The company is even…

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