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Bitcoin Only Has Value Because of the Gub’ment – YMB Podcast E129

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This is episode 129 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

Could that possibly be true? Do we only need Bitcoin because it helps us escape the clutches of our violent overlords? Would truly free human beings have any need for cryptocurrency? Maybe. Today's podcast is all about those questions.

Several avid Bitcoiners (most notably, one of our biggest fans, Cyril Blanc) recently had a heated debate on Twitter about whether or not the title of this episode is true. One of the most relevant tweets is below.


As part of the discussion, we'll consider how the free market is supposed to work in the first place. Does every free trade really create value for each party involved? We'll also investigate externalities and fungibility and how such concepts can affect the value of Bitcoin.

Then to wrap things up, we'll have a few laughs about some terms like Brexit, Italeave, and Departugal.

Tune in for the ultimate economic chat! Your hosts are Daniel Brown and Tim Baker. Enjoy!

Leave a comment and tell us if you think Bitcoin only has value because aggressive people exist!

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  1. Stewart Mcleod

    I was waiting for bitcoin to come along. Fiat is dishonest and robs citizens of their wealth, and govts enforce the scam with taxation.
    The world economy would explode and reach new heights if it was based on bitcoin.

  2. No Daniel, capitalim/free market exists in order to us not kill ourselves!

  3. Come on, even idiot buyers of Dr. Dre’s things are happy in the trade. Fact is, what you guys think is not relevant. So, in every free market trade, both parties are always happy (in their own freaking ways!!!).

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