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Neluns: An Innovative Financial Ecosystem

Neluns, also known as NLS, is a new financial ecosystem which uses an innovative technology allowing to operate with cryptocurrency and fiat. It will start its ICO in the last days of July 2018. The team at Neluns will create favorable conditions for the growth of the cryptocurrency market. Neluns is divided into 3 elements: a bank, an insurance company, and a cryptocurrency exchange. Each element is interactive to both fiat and cryptocurrency. NLS Company ...

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YMB Podcast E29: Better Bitcoin Banking and Free Reviews

This week, the You, Me and BTC team will begin with this article about some Bitcoin banks that are sprouting up. Many people are turned off by this idea because the banks that we currently use for our fiat currency have some serious issues. In this episode, we will do our best to explain why we think Bitcoin banks might not be too bad. Cryptocurrency has some amazing advantages that might make banking much less ...

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YMB Podcast Special: BTCJam’s Alexis Aiono at Bitcoin in the Beltway

BTCJam is a unique Bitcoin lending platform that has the potential to significantly change the world of financing. The service facilitates peer-to-peer crowdfunded loans and allows users to begin investing with any amount of money. We interviewed Alexis Aiono at the Bitcoin in the Beltway conference to get all the details. In today's special, she will explain how the service was created, the extensive algorithm behind their credit ratings, and tons more. Tune in for ...

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