YMB Podcast E29: Better Bitcoin Banking and Free Reviews

Okcoin, a Bitcoin BankThis week, the You, Me and BTC team will begin with this article about some Bitcoin banks that are sprouting up. Many people are turned off by this idea because the banks that we currently use for our fiat currency have some serious issues. In this episode, we will do our best to explain why we think Bitcoin banks might not be too bad. Cryptocurrency has some amazing advantages that might make banking much less risky. We will also chat about what fractional reserve is and how it began.

This conversation brings us to a great discussion about product reviews in a free market. As Bitcoin banks develop, people will want to know which ones are more or less trustworthy. This will give rise to rating systems for banks and all kinds of other services. Some trust the government to provide such reviews but as you probably know, we do not. Tune in for our thoughts on all this and tons more. Your hosts are Tim Baker, Daniel Brown, and John Stuart. Enjoy!

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