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Where Bitcoin Might Close the Gap of Mainstream Payments

We all know that Bitcoin today is far from the doubt which accompanied its infancy. While the actual value still fluctuates, the concept as a whole is well established enough that an enormous number of businesses, organizations and even governments are now taking note. That said, there are still a few further steps required before the more apprehensive public might adopt BTC on a wider scale, so which of these could we see as the …

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Mastercard Applies For Even More Patents For Blockchain

Mastercard has already been granted a patent for a partitioned, multi-currency blockchain in the US, along with several others. Now it is seeking further patents, including one that would make transactions with traditional and online assets possible by working as an electronic wallet.

They aim to increase the efficiency of traditional and blockchain transactions and would monitor cryptocurrencies as well as other currencies and assets. The application pointed out that, although current payment systems are fast, …

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VivusPay’s 100,000 Transactions Per Second Sets Benchmark for Multicurrency Crypto Wallets

Blockchain and cryptocurrency, once unknown quantities, are really starting to hit their stride. There are many digital cryptocurrency wallets on the market and talk of crypto and blockchain solutions are not just linked to the tech fringe, but are now ubiquitous in the mainstream. Having gained currency, so to speak, in the wider community, the obvious question arises; how can we improve the speed of transactions to suit the needs of users?

The New Blockchain…

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The History of BRAVO Pay

BRAVO was created in 2014 by Maria Luna (MBA) and Dr. Hector Rodriguez when they found themselves in a situation where they needed to pay someone but had no cash on them.

"We were hiking in Southern Utah and had no cash to tip our hiking guide; we then realized there should be a way to digitally pay someone for their services, without the need to exchange personal details or information - just a payment. …

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The AGATE Blockchain is Like Paypal for Cryptocurrencies

Introducing the Agate Blockchain, a complete set of decentralized blockchain-based applications, that provides a comprehensive crypto infrastructure with an ability to support millions of everyday transactions simultaneously on a real-time basis. Just like PayPal, a digital payments platform for making payments in Fiat currency, Agate Blockchain offers powerful ways for users to transact using cryptocurrencies, whether online or offline.

While millions of users are actively using PayPal as a medium for payments, the payments platform …

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Bitcoin Accepted Here: An App That Maps Crypto-Friendly Businesses

CryptoFind is a new app from the GRAFT blockchain that allows users to discover nearby venues that accept payments in cryptocurrency.

Graft is an open-sourced global payment network based on blockchain technology which was designed for Point-of-Sale. Graft aims to bring a lasting solution to the issues cryptocurrency payments are currently facing, such as long wait times and high transaction costs. They want to make it easy for merchants to start accepting digital currencies at …

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How to Pay for Anything With Cryptocurrency

Let's imagine you are looking forward to buying a car, or you house needs to be repaired, or you would just like to get your nails done. There are lots of experts and services out there that can get the job done. The problem is, however, that there is no good way to pay for the service using cryptocurrency.

Of course you could try to find someone who will sell you a car or fix …

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YMB Podcast E38: Apple Pay and Other Bitcoin Imitations

Last week, Apple announced all sorts of new products and services, one of which was Apple Pay. Apple lovers will now be able to make secure payments using their new iPhones and near-field communication. We're not huge fans of Apple, but there really are some benefits to the new system. The problem, however, is that Bitcoin offers many of the exact same features and lots more. Today, we’ll be chatting about the two payment …

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