Where Bitcoin Might Close the Gap of Mainstream Payments

We all know that Bitcoin today is far from the doubt which accompanied its infancy. While the actual value still fluctuates, the concept as a whole is well established enough that an enormous number of businesses, organizations and even governments are now taking note. That said, there are still a few further steps required before the more apprehensive public might adopt BTC on a wider scale, so which of these could we see as the most important?

Brazil Leading the Way in Brokerages

When appealing to a public which is often ignorant of the latest in financial news, one of the best methods is to increase public viability is to demonstrate standing on a national level. In this, Brazil has lead the way. The largest independent brokerage in the country, Grupo XP, is now making the move into trading Bitcoin and Ethereum. This will not only encourage further involvement by those on the fence, but it will also introduce a wide range of newcomers who might have been previously hesitant as to what BTC can bring and just how simple it can be in this increasingly user-friendly age.

Three Bitcoins

Adaption in Gaming

In a traditional sense, those most interested in cryptocurrencies have been those engaged with the world of computers. It makes sense as crypto has its basis in tech, and many of those into tech have similar interests in gaming. Further aiding this is the fact that gaming machines have driven the mining of coins for most of us, leading to a strong two-way connection. When it comes to gaming itself, what we would really like to see is a greater level of cooperation between the two industries. While traditional video games have been a little slow in this adoption, bookmaker websites, which are often linked to online casino platforms, like those website found at this link have been far more progressive. While not all of these platforms allow bitcoin trading, their rates of adoption are still ahead of most, and that's exactly what we need more of.

Fast Sales

The best way to establish an idea within the minds of the masses is through repetition. The easiest way this could be managed today is through the greater adaption of BTC based credit and debit cards. The good news on this front is that we have already seen considerable progress, with prepaid VISA cards like bitpay cutting down the barriers to mass-introduction on an unprecedented scale.

Eine Bitcoin-Münze auf einer schwarzen Kreditkarte und einem Geldschein

With simpler backing infrastructure which makes sense to even the most technophobic, this could mark the biggest requisite step before mainstream acceptance is achieved. While prepaid cards are still far better than nothing, what would really cross the gap is something like an automatic top-up system, which ensures limits and access similar to that which is available on traditional credit-card systems. Rules could even be put in place here to only withdraw at market highs, reducing the risk of currency loss.

Of course, these are just a few ideas, and we're sure that our readers have many of their own. As we approach the new decade we're positive that the market will introduce concepts we never could have thought up ourselves, and we can't wait to see what these developments will bring.

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