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Embleema Inc. Announces Formation of Advisory Board

Embleema Inc. announces the formation of its Advisory Board and the appointment of two members effective immediately: Frédéric Duchesne, President and CEO of Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals; and Bernard Gilly, Ph.D., Founder and President of iBioNext.

"I am humbled and grateful to have Bernard and Frédéric join our Advisory Board," said Robert Chu, Founder and CEO of Embleema Inc., "Each one of them is a globally recognized leader in their respective area and have an impressive …

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Stop Calling Bitcoin a “Community”

Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology as the world's first completely decentralized peer-to-peer payment network. As millions of people around the world pour billions of dollars into Bitcoin, everyone from rural subsistence farmers to swamp-dwelling policymakers increasingly take note.

While Bitcoin matures, hordes of pundits, bloggers, and journalists perpetually reference a "Bitcoin community" responsible for the challenges, changes and successes of Bitcoin.

But there is no Bitcoin community.

One could be forgiven for not readily understanding …

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How the Blockchain Can Revolutionize Real Estate

The team at startup Prime-Ex Perpetual thinks the blockchain can change the way we buy and sell real estate.

They think their blockchain platform and smart contracts can change how property is developed, financed, and sold. To get an idea how this might work we recently interviewed Prime-Ex Co-Founder and mortgage industry veteran John Gilbert.

In a short conversation Gilbert outlined some of Prime-Ex’s goals and explained the potential of its technology.

The Prime-Ex Business…

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Blockchain Systems in Education

The question in people’s mind and particularly those in the know about blockchain systems is "Is blockchain poised to be 'the next big thing' in education?" The next question to pose is "Do the education system require a blockchain?" Well, that is a good place to start in regards to the future of blockchain systems in eduction.

Apparently, in the past, blockchain was solely associated with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It can still be very …

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You Won’t Believe! – YMB Podcast E111

Crowdfund for Chris Ellis

This is episode 111 of You, Me, and BTC - your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

You will NOT believe what happens in this OUTRAGEOUS episode! First up, we'll cover Steam's decision to integrate Bitcoin. There aren't too many details yet, but we'll try to guess why it took so long for the innovative digital content provider to move towards crypto.

Then after that, we'll chat about the Crowdfund for Chris Ellis. He's done plenty …

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The Bankchain – YMB Podcast E90

This is episode 90 of You, Me, and BTC - your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

This week, we're chatting about a brand new partnership between at least nine big banks around the globe. They've all decided that a blockchain could provide huge benefits to the world of finance, so they want to develop some protocols for creating and using such a tool. We'll discuss how legitimate and how helpful we think a big bank blockchain …

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Magnr CEO Joe Lee and Government Blockchains – YMB Podcast E77

Bitcoin Savings With Magnr

This is episode 77 of You, Me, and BTC - your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

First up this week, we're chatting with Joe Lee, the CEO of BTC.sx and Magnr. The latter is a brand new service that launched this week. It allows you to earn interest on your Bitcoin, just like you would with a traditional savings account. Mr. Lee will explain where the interest comes from, how the money is handled, and …

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