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The Best Time to Buy Bitcoin

Time Is Bitcoin

With each new all-time high comes an increasing number of people with hot takes on the best time to buy Bitcoin, and even more people eager to listen.

But they're all wrong. We guarantee it.

Plenty of wise guys say never is the best time to buy (for this article, they're irrelevant). Others create immaculate price-chart artwork that isolates a specific date or price. Some of these clowns even give themselves titles like "Blockchain

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YMB Podcast E18: Purse.IO and Bitcoin Comedy

Buy Bitcoin through Amazon at PurseIO

Purse.IO is a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects buyers and spenders of Bitcoin through Amazon. It can takes a bit of thinking to wrap your mind around exactly how this service works, but it truly is amazing. It enables people to buy Bitcoin with a credit card or get a fairly significant dicount when spending their coin. Today, we are joined by Andrew Lee who will tell us more about the marketplace, how it works, and …

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Will Bitcoin Recover from MtGox’s Collapse?

MtGox has been having some serious issues recently. I will summarize for those who may not know yet, but my primary goal here is not to describe every detail. Rather, I want to respond to these events and explain what I think it means for the future of Bitcoin. The exchange rate has already …

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YMB Podcast E3: The New Year In Bitcoin

New Year's resolutions do not always turn out well. They often get forgotten, delayed, or flat out broken, but that does not make them useless. We have plans for 2014 and we want to talk about them. Join us as we map out our Bitcoin dreams. In short, we would like to hang on to our Bitcoins as much as possible, buy a few more when we can, tell others about the benefits of cryptocurrency, …

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Purse.io Review: Buy and Spend Bitcoins Via Amazon

Update: GetBpendB has changed to Purse.io. The service is now open to the public so go try it out! The discount system has also changed quite a bit since writing this review. You can now get a 10% discount guaranteed while spending Bitcoins at Amazon and I often get 20% off or more!


A new service is under construction that is intended to enable people to buy Bitcoins through Amazon and to spend …

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