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YMB Podcast E18: Purse.IO and Bitcoin Comedy

Buy Bitcoin through Amazon at PurseIOPurse.IO is a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects buyers and spenders of Bitcoin through Amazon. It can takes a bit of thinking to wrap your mind around exactly how this service works, but it truly is amazing. It enables people to buy Bitcoin with a credit card or get a fairly significant dicount when spending their coin. Today, we are joined by Andrew Lee who will tell us more about the marketplace, how it works, and how he expects it will develop in the future. Months ago, we reviewed the service when it was still in beta, which you can read about here.

Later in the show, we will share some interesting Bitcoin comedy that we found. Some of it is quite laugh-worthy and some is fairly awful.

Tune in for that and more! Your hosts today are Tim Baker, Daniel Brown, and John Stuart and we have a special guest this week, Andrew Lee from Purse.IO. Enjoy!

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We also mentioned in the show that we would post a few links, so here they are:
Prayers for Bitcoin
John Stuart's Site
John's New Video
John's Twitter
John's Email: [email protected]

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