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Cheap Hacking, Bitcoin Backing, & More Bitcoin Headlines – #YMBLive 7-15-15

Daniel Brown on #YMBLive Bitcoin Headlines
This is another wild episode of #YMBLive, our weekly LIVE Bitcoin podcast! Join us every Wednesday from 1-3PM Eastern as we cover the latest Bitcoin headlines and share plenty of crazy Bitcoin opinions. If you can't watch the show live, the audio and video will always be available to download. This Week's Bitcoin Headlines: Banks Forgot Who Was Supposed to Own Dell Shares First Instant Bitcoin-Based Remittance Service Launched in the Philippines Hardware Vulnerability 'Could ...

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Overstock to Become a Blockchain Stock – Bits & Pieces #25

Overstock Trading On Blockchain
Last week, Overstock.com filed paperwork to begin offering stock (and perhaps other securities) in a digital form. The company's CEO, Patrick Byrne, has been planning this move since last summer, when he announced at a Bitcoin 2014 that he wanted to list Overstock on a blockchain-based exchange. I'm absolutely excited to see Byrne continuing to piece together his futuristic vision, but I fear that the road will not be as smooth as some others expect. ...

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Is Wall Street Bad for Bitcoin? – Bits & Pieces #22

Wall Street in Bitcoin
Patrick Byrne, the CEO of Overstock.com, is greatly respected by many in the Bitcoin community. His company started accepting Bitcoin relatively early (January 2014) and was the largest to do so at the time. Byrne is also well known for exposing a great deal of Wall Street corruption. This WIRED article calls him Bitcoin Messiah and the Scourge of Wall Street in the same headline. Not everyone agrees, of course, but many Bitcoiners share Byrne’s ...

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