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The Net: Net Positive or Net Negative – YMB Podcast E289

You, Me, and BTC Podcast E289

This is episode 289 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

Today's topic sounds simple. Is the internet a net positive or a net negative for society?

But of course, answering that question is far more complicated. Nuance abounds. Let's dive in.

Your hosts this week are Daniel Brown and Tim Baker. Tune in now! And don't forget to scroll down so you can share your thoughts in the comments.

We'd …

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Samsung Launches Revolutionary Tech for Miners & AI Overlords – YMB Podcast E264

Live Bitcoin Podcast

This is episode 264 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

Bitcoin miners with better technology make more money. That's an incredibly simple concept, but it also has wildly profound implications for humanity. Bitcoin created an unprecedented direct link between efficient computer chips and profit, thus incentivizing drastic innovation.

Today, Samsung announced a new production process for obscenely small and efficient semiconductors. The tech giant didn't explicitly say anything about Bitcoin …

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Iran Cracks Down on Crypto – YMB Podcast E249

You, Me, and BTC Podcast E249

This is episode 249 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

A few weeks back, we covered several aspects of Signal censorship. Many governments (Iran is particularly egregious) block apps and services they don't like. And lots of them dislike Signal because it lets people stay private.

It appears that Iran now has similar concerns about cryptocurrency. Over the past few months, authorities began cutting off access to crypto exchanges …

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Aitheon – Leveraging the Power of AI and Robotics to Revolutionize Tedious Functions

Aitheon is a blockchain-powered platform that integrates AI, robotics, IoT, and human specialists to help organizations automate tedious back-end functions such as customer service, recruitment, transportation, logistics, data entry, and more.

Aitheon has raised over $21 million through a very successful token sale and has already partnered with numerous high-level organizations. A part of the ongoing project roadmap involves participation in a number of conferences undertaking marketing efforts before the next phase of the project …

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Them Robots Took R Jobs – Tim’s Two Cents #14

Tim's Two Cents #14

This is episode 14 of Tim's Two Cents – the outrageous show where Tim argues with himself.

Today's show is all about Neo-Luddism. Our society is addicted to technology. So what's to stop technological advancements from running wild to our the detriment? Can unfettered advancements in technology actually make us less free or even make humans obsolete? What happens when there's no more work?

Tim will dive into all that and more in this episode …

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