Aitheon – Leveraging the Power of AI and Robotics to Revolutionize Tedious Functions

Aitheon is a blockchain-powered platform that integrates AI, robotics, IoT, and human specialists to help organizations automate tedious back-end functions such as customer service, recruitment, transportation, logistics, data entry, and more.

Aitheon has raised over $21 million through a very successful token sale and has already partnered with numerous high-level organizations. A part of the ongoing project roadmap involves participation in a number of conferences undertaking marketing efforts before the next phase of the project (beta testing with small and medium-sized companies) is launched. A number of recent and upcoming marketing and promotional activities are reviewed below.

When it comes to the performance of low-level, mundane, and repetitive tasks, AI, smart devices, and robots hold tremendous promise as tools to reduce the expense and drudgery associated with the performance of such functions. However, even though these advanced forms of technology can perform a significant percentage of such work autonomously, they typically cannot do everything themselves. What automated systems often lack is human judgment, perception, and problem-solving skills in order to perform higher level jobs with higher levels of accuracy.

Aitheon addresses this problem by integrating AI, IoT, and real and virtual robots with human specialists to not only completely streamline the performance of tedious work but to empower humans to do the creative, meaningful, and value-added work they do best. As such, Aitheon is able to power a very diverse range of business applications and it can be used for everything from manufacturing, customer service, and transportation to education, poverty alleviation and healthcare. Click below to watch the Aitheon demo:

Towards these ends, the Aitheon team has been working on a number of collaborative projects with a number of highly regarded organizations and institutions. Below we review some of the biggest developments that this exciting project has made over the past several weeks.

World Government Summit, February 2018, Dubai - This conference drew more than 4,000 public and private sector officials from around the world, along with leaders from over 150 countries and prominent international organizations. One of the main areas of discussion during the conference was how AI, robots, and humans can combine positive synergies to promote growth and jobs - a stark contrast to the commonly held assumption that AI and machines are expected to only take away jobs from humans in the future. With a focus on sustainable employment, ease of execution, and lower production costs, Aitheon offers small and medium-sized companies unprecedented comparative advantages in growing their businesses and staying a step ahead of the competition.

Education Reform, May 14, 2018, Tallinn, Estonia - Aitheon has announced plans to partner with the U.S. Department of Education to better prepare students for the many uses of new technologies. Proposals made during private meetings between all parties involved included the setting up of an Aitheon-powered accreditation program to prepare students for the real challenges they will face once they're out of the classroom, assessments of how to better understand the uses of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies, and promoting an understanding of how to leverage the potential of technology to create rather than eliminate jobs.

WBCSummit, Moscow, May 19 & 20 and Blockshow, May 28 & 29, Berlin- These are two high-level conferences that Aitheon is a part of to showcase the power of the platform and to educate conference attendees on how Aitheon is revolutionizing the way we do business.

In addition to bringing together thousands of blockchain and tech enthusiasts from all over the world, these conferences aim to promote collaboration by improving on all of the following:

- Blockchain Community - Providing value-added services to startups, investors, founders, C-level executives, lawyers, and developers.
- Blockchain Solutions - This conference presents the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in leveraging the power of blockchain to develop new solutions for everything from gaming, education, and cybersecurity to fintech, healthcare, manufacturing, and more.
- Networking - Connect with other enthusiasts, bring together ideas, and find partners to help make your vision a reality.
- Showcases - Find everything you need to know about blockchain projects and trends and stay ahead of the dev curve.

Interested in learning more? Visit to read up on community events, the official token sale, Aitheon in the press, to meet our team, or to participate in our token giveaway contest!

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