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21 Inc. and the Future of Bitcoin Mining – YMB Podcast E73

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This is episode 73 of You, Me, and BTC, the planet's most entertaining Bitcoin podcast!

A few months ago, it was announced that a Bitcoin startup, 21 Inc., had raised millions of dollars. At the time, we could only speculate about what the company had planned and why investors were so eager to fund it. But this week, the veil was lifted.

Today, we're chatting about the future of Bitcoin mining. According to 21's CEO, the company has developed a chip than can turn virtually any device into a Bitcoin miner. This should provide a whole range of benefits including simplified micropayments, decentralized device authentication, and more. We'll even talk about how prices for electronics could fall because they could be subsidized based on their own future mining revenue.

Your hosts are Tim Baker, Daniel Brown, and John Stuart. Enjoy!

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