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Negative Interest Rates? – YMB Podcast E70

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This is episode 70 of You, Me, and BTC, the planet's most entertaining Bitcoin podcast!

For several months now, some European banks have been imposing negative interest rates. That's a pretty crazy idea. Why would the banks do that and why would anyone make a deposit if it would cause them to lose money?

Another red flag appeared when a Swiss pension fund manager tried to withdraw a large sum of cash from his bank. He was hoping to avoid those negative rates, but his request was denied. This is shocking because Switzerland is supposed to be one of the most economically free nations in the world.

Today, we'll chat about these events and what they might mean for the future of the global economy. Your hosts are Tim Baker and Daniel Brown. Enjoy!

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If you're reading this on the release date for this episode (April 30, 2015), the YMB team will be going live TONIGHT! Join us on a Google Hangout as we announce the winners of the #DontExposeEvil pro-peace meme contest with Drew Phillips from Bitcoin Not Bombs!

If you're reading this later, you can still watch the recording!


  1. Its not so difficult to explain. If you have the big billions and you know all banks are losing money, then you can place it at the banks who lose the least money. So the safest banks. And these so called safe banks can decide their own terms.

  2. Daniel "Bitsy" Hall

    Would like to make you aware of this video and some of the points they make about banks are extremely concerning.


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