#DontExposeEvil Pro-Peace Meme Contest Winners Announced!

We've been talking about the #DontExposeEvil meme contest for quite some time now. It all began when Google pulled ads from Antiwar.com due to graphic war images that were hosted on the site. Bitcoin Not Bombs decided to fight back with this pro-peace meme contest.

The deadline for submissions was April 20, and last night (April 30), we announced the winners live on a Liberty.me webcast! We also had a great time discussing why peace and art matter in the first place, so check out the recording above. Your hosts are Daniel Brown and John Stuart from the YMB team and Drew Phillips from Bitcoin Not Bombs.

Five of the winners (4th place through 8th place) were selected by the hosts of the YMB podcast and each will win 100 mBTC from us. Those five are embedded below. You can also check out the full list of contest entries here. Enjoy!

YMB's Picks

These are listed in no particular order.

Spread Love by Pete Eyre:
Spread Love

Rock Paper Drone by FLActivist:
Rock Paper Drone

The Human Spirit by Marchella:
The Human Spirit

Looney Tunes by Beverly Greene:
Hillary Clinton, Looney Tunes

Too Few Role Models by Rothbardian Gamer:
Too Few Role Models

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