This Is for Liberty! – Tim’s Two Cents #12

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This is episode 12 of Tim's Two Cents – the outrageous show where Tim argues with himself.

This episode is all about libertarianism. Most of the Western world purports to champion liberty. We worship free speech and promise that no one can EVER tread on us. But anyone who can recognize propaganda knows that most "liberty lovers" aren't nearly as sincere as they claim. This week Tim will take on those acclaimed freedom champions, libertarians.

What does openly smoking weed and shitposting the gub'ment really do to improve society? Is relentless meme-based shaming the best answer to the state's ferocious violence? Libertarianism is probably much better than patriotism, but it sure ain't perfect.

Tim tries his best to answer some tough questions in this fresh episode about the real impact of having a porcupine in your Twitter avatar and following the the Non-Aggression Principle. Tune in now for Tim's Two Cents on libertarianism!

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