An Overview of Miner App

Cryptocurrency is currently on most business and finance radars because of its success as an investment option. The constant innovation makes it an area that piques the interest of a lot of people, believers and doubters alike. Cryptocurrency forums work with a concept of virtual money. Each type of cryptocurrency is designed to have a unique function and a working cryptographic algorithm. Cryptocurrency investors basically invest in the technology by purchasing various cryptocoins. And from then on, those investors can decide how to manage their crypto holdings.

While cryptocurrency is even more accepted and used by more people than it was a few years ago, the mechanics of how it works and how to reap the most out of it still eludes some people for various reasons. Some are not familiar with the technicalities of cryptocurrency. Since cryptocurrency is a technical area of finance, investors are often advised to take time to understand how a particular one works before investing in it so as not to lose their money and after this precaution it may still prove to be a challenge mining the cryptocurrency invested because at the end of the day some people simply do not have the time.

One of the ways to grow cryptocurrency investment is by mining cryptocurrency, which involved some set of stated procedures that vary depending on the type of cryptocurrency. Miner is an application that offers cryptocurrency owners a chance to make the most out of mining cryptocurrency without having to worry about the previously mentioned setbacks.

What is Miner App about?

The Miner App cryptocurrency mining application is an application sponsored and designed by the team of young internet enthusiasts based in Europe. The form is targeted at enabling internet users make the most money during their time spent on the internet, they make it possible for people to earn money easily by performing tasks like shortening links. One of their methods devised to help people earn money is the cryptocurrency mining application introduced whereby they do all the mining work for their investors who just have to install the app and not worry about the shenanigans of managing cryptocurrency. An appropriate way to think of it is as a virtual mining pool, where the investors are the mining units run by the effective team behind the

How does miner work?

A simple way to explain how the Miner works is that it used the systems of its investors as mining units as mentioned earlier, it helps them mine cryptocurrency and in return it pays them their profits to the imputed accounts. While this might sound too good to be true, it is actually very possible all an investor has to do is to install the Miner application. The application being installed on the computer allows the miner to make money by mining cryptocurrency by using the CPU and/or GPU of the computer.

How to take part in the miner

Being a part of the miner is easy and is done with three easy steps.

1) Investors simply download and install the Miner application on their computers from the link provided on the website. You can download it here – Miner App download.

2) After being downloaded and installed on the computer, the application should be opened and run benchmark. Running benchmark is when the application does a test on the system to ensure that it is in suitable condition to run the application. The application has a set of system requirements that are necessary for it to be run. Considering that the processor of the system will be used to carry out cryptocurrency mining it has to be strong enough to perform the tasks, this process done by the application is an attempt to optimize the earnings from mining on that computer.

3) Click the start tab on the application to enable it start its work.

Making money with the has been broken down into three easy steps that could be done by anyone.

System requirements for the application to be run

As easy as these steps are, one might run into problems trying to use the application if the requirements are not understood. As mentioned earlier, the application does not work on just any system, there are some system properties that are required before the Miner application can successfully turn your computer to a cryptocurrency mining nit. They are as follows:

- A 64-bit system is required to run the application.
- Windows 7, windows 8 and 8.1 and windows 10 are required
- A range of graphic cards are required to run the application, and they are as follows:
AMD Radeon graphics card with a minimum memory capacity of 2GB is required; HD 5450, 280X, 290, 290X, 380, 380X, 390, Fury, 460, 470, 480, 550,570, 580 and other newer versions.
NVIDA GTX graphics card with a minimum memory of 1GB: 465, 470, 480, 560Ti, 640, 650, 650Ti, 660, 710, 720, 730, 740, 750Ti, 960, 970, 980, 980Ti, 1050, 1050Ti, 1060, 1070, 1080, 1080Ti and newer versions.
There is a plan to include sorts for Radeon graphic cards with 1GB

System antivirus on the computer can play an important role also because some antivirus and its settings may block the application and in that case a few changes made to the settings can solve the problem. The basic thing is to ensure that the software is not listed to be blocked by the antivirus. Please note that different settings exists for all types of antivirus and as a result the custom setting required for the application to be successfully excluded and thereby installed and run without any hindrance will vary with antivirus. These settings are available on the website on the FAQ section.

Provided these system properties are met; the application is expected to work on the computers. It is a good idea to check to make sure that the computer can support the Miner application and to check that the type of antivirus installed will not block the application and if it does you may have to visit the settings to exclude it.

Creating your account.

Creating a profile on the is necessary because some personal information will be required to create the account, this information is necessary for running the application. Information like bank account details is essential because of how investors are paid on

To create the account, a registration is required which can be done by clicking the "join" tab on the upper right side of the interface after which details like an email address and password have to be entered. The email address is then confirmed by an activation mail that is sent to the address after the terms and conditions have been agreed to.

The automated email sent is to activate the account created; you may have to enable the graphics in order to properly view the email and then click on a tab titled "click here" to activate the account.

Getting paid with

Mining with the mining application is different from regular mining because the application is built to take the work away from investors. First, investors do not have to decide what particular crypto coin to mine or to invest in, it is done automatically by the mining application and then pay-out is made in standard fiat currency, hence the need for a payment option/channel. The amount of money however is subject to the value of the crypto coin at that time and as a result may fluctuate as coin fluctuates.

With there is no need for every investor to have a wallet, cryptocurrency is mined with a general wallet and then transferred out at payment time. This payment process is scheduled to be done monthly, on the 10th of each month and mining earnings can be viewed in the application interface on the statistics section. Results only show when mining has earned more than 0.01$. Payment is made to the account entered in the profile, but there are terms and conditions to this payment. Minimum amount to be earned before withdrawals can be made is dependent on the payment channel; PayPal $5 minimum, payoneer $20 minimum, and webmoney $5 minimum.

What may affect your earning.

Considering that the application makes use of the system or processor to carry out mining, the amount earned at the end of the year is dependent on the system capacity. The higher the specifications, the higher you are likely to earn and vice versa.

However, owning a account is not restricted one only one account for a user. That is to say that one investor can own more than one account on depending on the system properties at his/her disposal. He/she can have one account per graphic card if the system has more than one graphic card or have one account per system if he owns more than one computer all he has to do is use different user names.

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