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Tim Says “F*ck the Miners” – YMB Podcast E211

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This is episode 211 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

Today's episode is all about Tim's apparent hatred for crypto miners. He knows that they're necessary for Bitcoin but he still thinks they have serious issues. Is it because they're greedy? Is it because they cheat? Is it because they're ignorant? Not quite.

Ok, to be fair, Tim doesn't hate all miners. There's just a particular group of them that really grinds his gears: Newbies. These guys bug Tim because they don't really get what Bitcoin is all about. They're just in it for "free" money.

But aren't we supposed to sympathize with Bitcoin newbies? Shouldn't we feel some kind of compassion for them because we were once just as stupid? Probably, but Tim's mean like that.

Tune in now for a brand new rant!

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