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Tim Says “F*ck the Miners” – YMB Podcast E211

Dumb Crypto Miner

This is episode 211 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

Today's episode is all about Tim's apparent hatred for crypto miners. He knows that they're necessary for Bitcoin but he still thinks they have serious issues. Is it because they're greedy? Is it because they cheat? Is it because they're ignorant? Not quite.

Ok, to be fair, Tim doesn't hate all miners. There's just a particular group of them …

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YMB Christmas Day 10: Butterfly Labs Ruined

This is day ten the Twelve Days of YMB Christmas! Over the past few years, a company called Butterfly Labs has been promising to produce and deliver ASIC Bitcoin mining hardware, only to be repeatedly delayed. Many people waited nearly a year for their products, and some may still be waiting. We decided to exercise some of our free market rights by publicly expressing our displeasure with the company. We destroyed our miner with guns, …

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YMB Podcast E41: The Government’s Role

In today’s shorter show, we’ll begin by sharing a bit about the world’s first blockchain wedding. Just last weekend, two lovers permanently embedded their commitment to each other inside of a Bitcoin transaction. Then later in the show, we’ll chat about some legal troubles recently encountered by Butterfly Labs. The company, which produces Bitcoin mining hardware, made many customers upset with painfully long product delivery times. Now, some of those mining speculators have gotten …

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YMB Podcast E7: Bitcoin and Big Business

The App Store has given Blockchain the axe and we start off this week's episode with a good bit of whining about Apple. We do our best to determine why the company took this course of action and decide whether it was right or wrong. Later, we chat about MtGox's decision to stop servicing Bitcoin withdrawals from their exchange. We try to figure out why they chose to handle the situation like this and what …

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YMB Podcast E1: Bitcoin Ethics and a Miner’s Story

While this is technically our third recording, we are officially labeling it Episode 1 of the You, Me, and Bitcoin Podcast. Join us as we discuss the right and wrong of all things Bitcoin. We will freely explore political ideas like voluntaryism, libertarianism, and anarcho-capitalism and how they apply to Bitcoin. We will finish with our own personal story of Bitcoin mining with an ASIC device from Butterfly Labs. We also have …

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The Consequences of a Rising Difficulty

Many Bitcoin enthusiasts are concerned about the massive increases that the mining difficulty level has experienced over the past several months. As ASICs fly off the shelves, the network's hash rate skyrockets (we just recently hit 1 petahash, or 1 quadrillion hashes per second), which rapidly boosts the difficulty level, sometimes doubling it in less than a month.

In fact, most ASICs that are sold do not even exist yet, and the buyer has …

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