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I Got Scammed. Again. – Unpopular Opinions #22

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This is episode 22 of Unpopular Opinions with Ryan Tofil. Give him your money.

If you've been listening for long, you know that Ryan has some brutal consumer luck. But this time it wasn't the United States Post Office's fault. And it wasn't Findlay Toyota in Flagstaff, Arizona. (Find more on those stories here.)

This time, it was Cash App. Their FAQ section linked to a set of apparently old and inactive rules regarding buyer protection. So that's just one more service Ryan can't use for the rest of his life out of protest.

Of course, there was a low-life Craigslister involved too.

It's painfully clear which of the boys bought a house lately and which is talking nonsense. Ryan actually worked at a bank when he was 19 but apparently that didn't make him a financial expert. That's why his show is called Unpopular Opinions and Ry's motto is "I'm probably wrong here but let me spew some nonsense really quick."

He's back with the co-host you love to hate, Daniel. Tune in!

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1) Despite what Ryan claimed, a 30-year mortgage paid off in 15 years would result in the same amount being paid as a 15-year mortgage with the same interest rate.

2) Ryan and Dan agreed that Talking Stick Arena was not in downtown Phoenix. It absolutely is. They were thinking of Gila River Arena, which is in Glendale, Arizona.

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