YMB Podcast E19: Is Bitcoin Only for the Privileged?

Bitcoin is for White MalesAnnie-Rose Strasser recently declared that Bitcoin is By the Privileged, For the Privileged. She pointed to statistics indicating that the Bitcoin space is dominated by white, libertarian males and she certainly did not like that. In today's show, we will go through her article and respond. Cathy Reisenwitz from Bitcoin Magazine also responded to the same article, so we will consider her words too. Is it bad that most Bitcoiners are white males? Does that mean that Bitcoin is flawed or unfair?

Later in the show, we will consider another possible drawback. Bitcoin almost always requires some sort of computer and internet access to be used. This limitation means that there really are some people in the world who cannot use cryptocurrency. Is that unfair? Could there be any way around this issue?

Tune in to one of our favorite episodes. We loved recording this show and at times we had trouble trying not to offend certain groups of people. Your hosts are Tim Baker, Daniel Brown, and John Stuart. Enjoy!

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