YMB Podcast E13: Ideas, Information, and Intellectual Property

CopyrightsLast week, we spoke about the differences between gold and Bitcoin and tried to decide whether Bitcoins could be considered physical if they were on a paper wallet. By definition they probably are not, but is there really that much difference? We also noted the fact that theoretically, someone could steal your Bitcoins simply by seeing them. Or seeing the private key, anyway. These thoughts led us to some difficult questions and concepts that even now we do not fully understand. What are ideas, information, and intellectual property? Does Bitcoin fit in with any of those things or is it something completely new?

We will stumble through these questions today and try our best to end up with something meaningful. There is also a Little Wayne parody in today's episode, so you will want to stick around for that. Or not. Honestly, it is slightly embarrassing so we will not be upset if you skip over it.

Your hosts this week are Tim Baker, Daniel Brown, and John Stuart. Enjoy!

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