Bitcoin Silver Wallet Review

Silver Bitcoin WalletsBelow is a video review of the brand new do it yourself silver Bitcoin wallets available from (coming soon, see this thread for now). They are one ounce silver rounds with space for a private key and holograms included for security. Essentially, they are physical Bitcoins that you put together on your own.

Because of this, they cannot be used exactly like the old Casascius coins. For one thing, they have no amount stamped on them because you load the coin youself, with however much you choose. Also, people generally trusted Casascius not to keep copies of the private keys after he made the coins. With these, you would have to trust someone else, whoever put the coin together.

Silver Bitcoin WalletsOne of the best features of these coins is simply their beauty. They have a gorgeous proof finish that makes them quite shiny and the sparkly gold hologram is cool too. The coin's obverse features a Bitcoin symbol with a map in the background. The ocean is filled in with binary digits. Across the top, there is also a Latin phrase that says, "Universal Money," and the mintage year, 2014.

The reverse is a bit simpler. It says Silver Wallets around the edge and in the center, there is a square for your private key and a circle for the hologram. The first 100 coins minted also had a number stamped on them. However, those are now sold out and currently, you can only buy unnumbered coins.

Putting the coin together was relatively easy. Instructions were provided explaining how to use to generate key pairs and print them at the correct size. The hardest part was attaching the hologram and making sure that it was centered. Fortunately, with just a bit of care and some steady fingers, it can be done quite nicely.

I'll let the video explain the rest. Tim Baker did our last few video reviews, but this one features myself, Daniel Brown. It is my first one, enjoy!

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