YMB Podcast E14: Bitcoin Banking and Taxes With Coinabul’s Jay Shore

Coinabul Sells Gold and Silver for BitcoinJay Shore is the founder of Coinabul.com, the first business ever to sell precious metals for Bitcoin. He joins us this week to tell his story. He has been into Bitcoin almost as long as it has existed, so he certainly has lots to say about it. Several months ago, Mr. Shore had serious trouble finding a bank that would work with him and his business. He will tell us all about that and more in the first half of today's show.

Later, we will comment on the IRS's recent decision to consider Bitcoin property. This has all sorts of tax implications and we will try to figure everything out. Although taxes are certainly not something we enjoy, there might be a few benefits that come from this ruling. Also in today's episode, Mr. Shore will tell us a story about the largest scam in Bitcoin history.

Tim Baker and Daniel Brown are your hosts today, and we are joined by a special guest host, Jay Shore. Enjoy!

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