How Does Bitcoin Impact Gaming Industries?

Last year, many gamers complained that they could not find affordable graphics cards. The reason was simple: Cryptocurrency mining sent the value of graphics cards to the moon. Even though Bitcoin can hardly be mined for profit with regular gaming graphics cards from AMD or Nvidia, these cards actually work great when it comes to various altcoins. However, cryptocurrencies and blockchain are changing the way the gaming world works too. Let's see how.

Combining Bitcoin's Rate and Game Difficulty.

An RPG game called Imperatum has introduced a crypto feature that correlates the game difficulty to the price of the Bitcoin. As this is an RPG game, it also pegs the value of the loot drops to the rate of BTC/USD. The higher the Bitcoin price, the better the loot given to players and vice versa. While it may not necessarily be welcomed by all players, it is certainly a great experiment. Perhaps it will get us to a completely new level of gaming by providing something that we have never seen before - a dynamic difficulty level.

Gaming Responsibly!

Apart from RPGs, first person shooters, strategy games, and so on, there is actually a huge number of people that gamble online. Such games include always everything one can imagine: dice, roulette, blackjack, poker, and much more. According to data, there are nearly 100 casino and betting sites that accept the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a deposit method. Many of those are actually working only with cryptocurrencies. Considering that the UK Gambling Commission has allowed the Bitcoin iGaming companies to apply for a license, we will certainly see this niche getting more development in the close future.

More Games to Come.

Developing a video game is a very resourceful process and many great ideas often fail due to the lack of financing. However, those times might be over soon. Cryptocurrencies have allowed many people to raise the capital in an easy manner - through an Initial Coin Offering. While it is clear that the vast majority ICOs in the last year were a failure, there were actually some successful ones in the world of gaming. For example, few month ago a company called B2Expand has raised over $300,000 through its ICO that aimed for the development of the Beyond the Void game. Besides that, it is quite common to monetize games via different skins and in-game items. B2Expand plans to enable blockchain-based game assets that will be easily transferable.

In-Game Gurrencies

Most of the online RPG games, like The World of Warcraft, used some sort of the currency. Back in the day there were thousands of people that were working full-time to extract the online game currency and sell it later. However, the whole settling process was never a pleasure. With the introduction of various coins, this may soon be over. Just imagine an online game that uses a currency that can be easily exchanged for the Bitcoin or Ethereum, or even cashed out in fiat.

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