Which Cryptos Do the Most Popular Casinos Use?

Most online casinos only offer players the option to gamble with real money. With the price surge and the popularity of cryptocurrency in the past several months, several casinos have adopted virtual currencies as an alternative to fiat currency. A player who wishes to use crypto will be required to open a crypto-wallet from where they can withdraw and deposit crypto coins. There are specific crypto ATMs across the world which dispense crypto coins.

Leading casinos continue to introduce cryptocurrencies in their platforms after making the necessary evaluations and running background tests. There are over one thousand digital currency coins trading in the market today. A good number of the well-known cryptocurrencies are accepted by the gaming community. You can now deposit crypto into your casino account in order to play the popular games.

Bitcoin - BTC

Bitcoin cryptocurrency was introduced in January 2009. It is the first decentralized digital currency. Besides being just a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is becoming quite popular as a payment system. In 2015, popular traditional Las Vegas casinos started accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment. At first, it was used to pay for small items before being fully adopted into mainstream casino games. This cryptocurrency owes a lot of its success to the gaming industry. Indeed, many of the best online casino reviews tell us that Bitcoin deposits are accepted. A player will have an easier time with Bitcoin than fiat currency when it comes to starting off in online gaming. Also, there are no transaction fees when one uses Bitcoin.

Ethereum - ETH

Ethereum is the second most transacted cryptocurrency on the market today. It is an open-source crypto which is backed by blockchain technology, having been introduced in mid-2015. Ethereum crypto has a unique blockchain and many cryptos use this blockchain technology. Gamers are adopting the Ethereum blockchain technology to design and develop games. Because of ease of acceptability of Ether across the crypto market and its strong capital market, it is one of the most popular cryptos in the gaming world.

Litecoin - LTC

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency which was introduced in 2011. Like Bitcoin and Ethereum, it is based on cryptographic protocol. It is not managed by any central authority. While Litecoin aims to process a block every 2.5 minutes unlike Bitcoin's 10 minutes, it is similar to in almost every other aspect. In many ways, Litecoin is regarded as Bitcoin's small brother. It is easy to create an online wallet for your Ltc. There are at least 10 Litecoin dedicated casinos.

Dogecoin - DOGE

Many people associate Dogecoin with fun and simplicity. It is a crypto which is designed to be understood by the layman and to be enjoyed by the crypto enthusiast. The crypto was introduced in December 2014. Its symbol is DOGE while its image is that of a Shiba Inu dog. The market capitalization of this coin is $1,000,000,000. Because of the fun and simplicity of this crypto, over 13 casinos accept it unconditionally. A gaming enthusiast can transact using DOGE and in return receive BTC, ETH, or IOTA.

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