ICO Tip: How to Get the Most for Your Money

ICOBox, the world's leading provider of SaaS ICO solutions for companies wishing to carry out their own ICO, has just made an announcement: During the week of December 18, 20017 it will be launching its Token Store that aims to democratize access to promising new tokens for the wide community of potential token holders. The Store will offer token sales for a wide range of promising projects, at discounts ranging from 30-75%.

Many ICOs offer steep discounts for large purchases, and while this represents a good value for those with the money to take advantage, it also acts as a kind of barrier to those of more modest means. ICOBox's store will have no maximum or minimum purchase limits – something that definitively sets it apart from its competition.

ICOBox co-founder Mike Raitsyn says that the idea was to grow the token holder community by opening it up to a broader range of people. "We wanted to give the token holder community greater access to reliable, high-quality tokens," says Raitsyn.

There will be a rotating selection of tokens for sale. Projects that want to sell their tokens in the Token Store will be listed for one month at a fixed price, although several levels of discount can also be offered by the projects. The highest discounts will be offered to token buyers who are willing to refrain from withdrawing the tokens from the platform for at least 24 hours. After the one-month sales period, unsold tokens are returned to the issuer.

"We'll be making an even more in-depth choice of ICO projects to be listed in our Store," says Raitsyn. "Among the things we'll take into consideration are whether the project is making good progress in its ICO and is expected to meet its stated financial goals (reached its soft cap), whether they use escrow services that hold on to funds at least two months pending ICO completion, and so on. We think that we'll be giving the token holder community increased peace of mind and curated choices in the Store."

To make purchases, participants will have to register with the Token Store using their ICOS token ID. They then deposit whichever cryptocurrency they wish to pay with on their account (ICOS, BTC and ETH payment options are currently available), choose their tokens, and make the purchase. In order to take their purchases out of the platform, users must pass the legally required Know Your Customer (KYC) verification procedures, giving their full legal names, addresses and copies of government-issued IDs.

ICOBox expects that the new store and the ease of purchasing it offers will bring benefits to the token holder community, by bringing in new members; and to the ICO projects it works with, which will gain access to a new pool of potential buyers.

Established in in July 2017, ICOBox provides ICO solutions to dozens of new and existing based projects working on developing and launching their pioneering blockchain-based products and services. Via its own ICO the company collected 4,000 BTC, and since that time it has helped its clients collect over $200 million.

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