This Crypto Startup Will Pay You to Own People on Fortnite

Video games have changed a lot since Atari was first released in 1972. At the time, it was an innovative, new entertainment medium that has since adapted and matured into a full-fledged media juggernaut. What was once characterized as an alternative preoccupation for the athletically challenged has blossomed into one of the most popular entertainment platforms in the world.

The potent combination of powerful PC gaming rigs, compelling stand-alone gaming platforms, and ubiquitous mobile gaming created a cohesive gaming economy that will have more than 2.3 billion participants this year. As the technology catches on, gaming numbers only continue to increase. According to The Washington Post, "The amount of time Americans spend playing video games and board games has risen by 50 percent since 2003." In the U.S. alone, people spend upwards of $25 billion each year on video games, and the global scale is many times that number.

The rise of esports has created additional enthusiasm and profit that has propelled video games to the forefront of the entertainment and sports industry. Esports competitions attract thousands of screaming fans who pack out arenas to cheer for their favorite players. It's such a compelling entertainment platform that it has a designated section on ESPN and Sports Illustrated manages a Twitter account devoted exclusively to esports. The winnings from some of the largest esports competitions rival the pay of major sports tournaments like the Masters.

Now, the gaming industry is being reoriented to return value to its users. It's not enough to just play a videogame. Users want to profit from it as well. With the launch of the BUFF platform, the popularity of video games and the income opportunity of esports are combined in a single ecosystem.

BUFF: A Loyalty Program for Gamers

BUFF adds tangible value to something that people already love to do. The platform harnesses the power and malleability of digital currencies to compensate users for their playing time, game loyalty, skill, and in-game achievements. Using a blockchain-based network, gamers receive their rewards while they play.

Gamers can use these tokens in a variety of ways. They can apply their earnings to make in-game purchases or they can transfer it in a p2p fashion to other players. Moreover, gamers can convert their winnings to cash, which can be used to make real-world purchases. In this way, the BUFF platform is positioned to provide a legitimate revenue stream for amateur gamers.

The entire process is facilitated by the BUFF token, which BUFF automatically distributes to gamers when they achieve certain accolades.

A Network of Competition and Access

What's more, BUFF is hosted on the blockchain, so it is entirely platform agnostic. Gamers from different spheres can all earn tokens by playing any game in the BUFF ecosystem.

The Overwolf platform

Because of their strategic connections, there are a lot of them. BUFF partners with Overwolf, a decentralized app store with more than 15 million monthly users and hundreds of the most popular games in the world. Overwolf collaborates with companies like Intel and Logitech to provide a compelling gaming experience, and BUFF's integration dynamically changes the payment experience and the customer interaction with these platforms.

After all, when users can make money from a service, they become more than just customers.

An Operation That Works

Digital token formation is quickly expanding this year. To date, more than 500 new currencies have been issued, and they've brought in nearly $12 billion to fund their platforms. To be sure, some of these coins are more deserving of investment than others.

BUFF's digital token propels an already thriving and expanding market while bringing a new payment dynamic that can make in-game purchases easier and can add profitability to an activity that, for most people, used to be about leisure.

By gamifying the gaming market, BUFF is adding value for players while contributing a unique digital token to the growing crypto economy.


  1. Really great!!! Gamers from different games can all earn tokens by playing any game in the BUFF ecosystem. Nice job!

  2. Previously, everyone just spent money on games. The project offers to earn money on games. I think for many it will be attractive.

  3. Buff combines two of my biggest interests, cryptocurrency and gaming. This could become a big success if they manage to achieve their goals

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