YMB Podcast E13: Ideas, Information, and Intellectual Property

Last week, we spoke about the differences between gold and Bitcoin and tried to decide whether Bitcoins could be considered physical if they were on a paper wallet. By definition they probably are not, but is there really that much difference? We also noted the fact that theoretically, someone could steal your Bitcoins simply by seeing them. Or seeing the private key, anyway. These thoughts led us to some difficult questions and concepts that …

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YMB Podcast E12: More Gold and Silver With CoinStax’s Rob Michael

CoinStax Sells Gold and Silver For Bitcoin

We have been talking about precious metals quite a bit recently, and the conversation continues this week. The truth is, Bitcoin, gold, and silver are all very similar in the way that they are given value, but they have different strengths and weaknesses too. We are excited to have another fantastic guest with us this week, Robert Michael. He is the founder of CoinStax.com, a brand new bullion dealer that exclusively accepts Bitcoin. He …

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Hestia Tobacco Review: Craft Filtered Cigars For Bitcoin

Hestia Tobacco All Natural Craft Filtered Cigars

The video below is a review of Hestia Tobacco's All Natural Craft Filtered Cigars by Tim Baker. The company recently started accepting Bitcoin as payment so Tim decided to give the place a shot. These cigars are designed to be similar to cigarettes but most would consider them higher quality. Tim will describe the exact differences and why he really thinks these are better and more pleasing. He will also detail his experience throughout …

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YMB Podcast E11: Amagi Metals Interview

We have our first guest this week! YMB is thrilled to feature Stephen Macaskill, the CEO of Amagi Metals on today's show. Amagi Metals is a fantastic gold and silver dealer that allows you to cash out your cryptocurrency for bullion. This is great for anyone who does not want to secure their savings with fiat currency. We have used their service many times before and you can check out this video review to see …

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YMB Podcast E10: Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Funny Money

We have reached our 10th episode! We are quite proud of this minor but still exciting achievement and we have a great show for you. No one can ignore MtGox these days, so we have to say a few words about its passing. Later in this episode, we chat about the similarities and differences between Bitcoin and precious metals. We need your help convincing Franklin Sanders that Bitcoin is not broken, so tune in to …

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YMB Podcast E9: The Best Bitcoin Services, Part 2

This is Episode 9! Last week we started a list of our favorite Bitcoin services. Our discussion went on for so long that we had to split the show into two parts, so here is the second half of our exciting list. We start by mentioning a few social Bitcoin services, like the #bitcoin-otc IRC channel. Let's Talk Bitcoin is another podcast that has inspired us significantly, so we pay tribute to Adam B. Levine …

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Will Bitcoin Recover from MtGox’s Collapse?

MtGox has been having some serious issues recently. I will summarize for those who may not know yet, but my primary goal here is not to describe every detail. Rather, I want to respond to these events and explain what I think it means for the future of Bitcoin. The exchange rate has already …

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YMB Podcast E8: The Best Bitcoin Services, Part 1

Blockchain.info Homepage

Bitcoin would be useless without the many companies and services that accept the cryptocurrency and make it easier for us to use it. We want to pay tribute to a few of our favorites out there and that is what this week's episode is all about. If fact, our discussion went on for so long that we decided to split it into two parts! Today we will present the first half of our list, which …

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