BitLasers Review: Buy High Quality Lasers With Bitcoin

Lasers for BitcoinBitLasers is an online shop that sells high-powered, high quality lasers exclusively for Bitcoin. We put Tim Baker, our best video reviewer, to work giving one of these awesome gadgets a try. Lasers for Bitcoin He will tell all about his experience in the video below. Technically, these lasers are sold as "parts kits" in order to avoid customs issues, but Tim will explain the simple assembly. He will also show just how powerful the beams of these lasers can be when he burns through a piece of paper from across the room. Enjoy!

Tim Baker is a fellow Bitcoin enthusiast who wishes he bought more when it was only worth about $20. He and I have known each other for years and we still spend plenty of time together discussing Bitcoin, money, politics, and much more. He considers himself a Voluntarist and is still coming to terms with the fact that his grandmother is a Statist. All donations to the following address go straight to Tim.


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