YMB Podcast E17: Bitcoin Anonymity – How and Why

Bitcoin Anonymity With Shared CoinUnfortunately, many people out there, both inside and outside the Bitcoin community, do not fully understand Bitcoin anonymity. They might think that it is not too important or maybe they do not want to put the effort into making sure their privacy is preserved. Some who do not use cryptocurrency think that privacy is impossible because the block chain is public. Even worse, some who DO use cryptocurrency might think that Bitcoin is already fully anonymous by default. These are all misunderstandings and in this week's show, we want to explain why anonymity is available and important.

None of our solutions are perfect, but they are certainly helpful to us and discouraging to those who might try to track us. We will talk about Shared Coin and a plan to integrate Tor with bitcoinj. We will also chat about some difficulties that often arise when trying to explain why we love Bitcoin and other, similar concepts. Your hosts are Tim Baker and Daniel Brown. Enjoy!

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