SpacePirate: Age of Rust

SpacePirate to Launch ICO for RPG With Blockchain-Based Assets

SpacePirate: Age of Rust is an upcoming multiplayer role-playing game that will use blockchain-based tokens to represent in-game assets. The project started over a year ago and currently has a working demo. It's a text-based, futuristic adventure game with some puzzle elements and attractive accompanying graphics.

SpacePirate is launching an initial coin offering (ICO) on Monday, June 26 to fund additional development. The campaign will run for at least 10 weeks.

Blockchain-Based Game Assets

SpacePirate's blockchain-based economy is likely the game's most attractive feature for many crypto-lovers. A currency called Rustbits will facilitate trade, presumably for items like weapons and armor. And other tokens, called Rustchain cards, will grant players access to perks and additional levels. Both kinds of tokens will utilize the Counterparty infrastructure, which runs on the Bitcoin blockchain.

SpacePirate is not the first game to use blockchain-based assets, but the concept is still relatively new. Many people consider it a revolution for the gaming industry since (in contrast) most traditional MMORPGs have heavily regulated economies. In those games, developers can generate assets out of thin air and do whatever they want with them. It's usually difficult, impossible, and/or against the rules for players to trade currency or assets outside of the game.

Blockchain tokens, on the other hand, offer an abundance of transparency and freedom. Since everything on the blockchain is public, players can see exactly how many assets exist and where they all are. Many tokens are even locked, making it physically impossible for the devs to issue more (ever).

Players of SpacePirate and similar games are also able and encouraged to trade these tokens on the free market. If someone decides he no longer wants or needs a game item, he can sell it to someone else to recoup his costs. Successful players might even profit from such trade, while traditional games tend to drain players' wallets.

SpacePirate Gameplay

SpacePirate GameplaySpacePirate's actual gameplay consists of a text interface and several menus. You can chat with other players and enter commands to explore different areas, use items, hack things, and more. A PVP mode allows you to attack other players. Your character's stats (experience, hit points, speed, etc.) coupled with a provably fair, cryptographically secure random number generator determine the outcome of each attack.

There are also several puzzles throughout the demo and the devs promise that these challenges will be central in the finished product.

The SpacePirate/Rustbits ICO

To help this project come together, the SpacePirate devs are running an ICO. They'll sell Rustbits and Rustchain cards to people who believe the game will succeed. If those investors are right, they may see some profits as those assets become more popular, more traded, and more craved by SpacePirate players.

The initial asset prices are outlined in the chart below. The structure rewards people who jump on board in the first week by giving them Rustbits at half the price they'll sell for at the end of the campaign. So if you do happen to believe in this project and plan on investing, you'll definitely want to get in as early as possible.

Rustbits ICO Terms

ICO Disclaimer

Many people believe that most (if not all) ICOs are scams. There is no guarantee that any project will succeed or generate profit. This article is for informational purposes only.

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