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Three Ways Hacken (HKN) Brings Value to Non-White Hat Hackers

Cryptocurrency is one of the most promising tech inventions of our time. In particular, blockchain technology brings exceeding value to all members of society by making this new type of money absolutely unregulated and decentralized. Cryptocurrency, therefore, is extremely safe, secure, and powerful.

Hacken (HKN) is a new cryptocurrency created by a community-driven business. It was originally for white hat hackers, but it will also provide a wide range of benefits to virtually anyone.

HKN will come into existence through an ICO token sale later this year. Anyone will be able to purchase as much of it as they want. But the main question is: Why would non-white hat hackers want it? How can they use it?

Financial Value

Above all, the token can be used by any investor who earns money through financial instruments like gold, stock, foreign currencies and so forth. Initially, the price of 1 HKN will be equal to 1 USD. However, after the end of the token sale on October 12, 1 HKN will rise in price as against the dollar due to a mechanic called the burning principle.

Therefore, with each new transaction, there will be fewer HKNs in the system and profits will increase for investors holding the cryptocurrency.

Customer Value

Second, HKN holders will be able to order all kinds of high quality penetration testing software with just a few clicks. This opportunity will be provided by a bug bounty program in the Hacken ecosystem. As a result, the more HKNs you have, the more you can protect your product from cyber attacks. So in addition to generating investment returns, this token will enhance the overall cyber security of the business sector.

Making a Difference

Considering that HKNs were designed to enable ethical hackers to provide their services effectively and anonymously, the rising demand for it will attract more cyber security professionals. In other words, the more popular this cryptocurrency becomes, the easier it will be for IT companies to eliminate vulnerabilities in their products. This will reduce cyber security problems and means that anyone who buys or uses HKN will help enhance global cyber security.

To sum up, cryptocurrency and Hacken are inventions that will make our world a much better place. And we can all help make that happen. Our efforts may very well improve global digital progress and cyber security.

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