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Mastercard Applies For Even More Patents For Blockchain

Mastercard has already been granted a patent for a partitioned, multi-currency blockchain in the US, along with several others. Now it is seeking further patents, including one that would make transactions with traditional and online assets possible by working as an electronic wallet.

They aim to increase the efficiency of traditional and blockchain transactions and would monitor cryptocurrencies as well as other currencies and assets. The application pointed out that, although current payment systems are fast, …

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How Blockchain Might Change How We Pay for Things

Bitcoin and the blockchain technology behind it have been grabbing headlines across the world for some time now. While the majority of these headlines are in relation to the popular cryptocurrency's astronomic 2000% increase in value on the Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) over the course of 2017, there has been a quieter revolution taking place behind the scenes.

The skyrocketing value of the price of Bitcoin, which hit $7500 per unit in November 2017, and …

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ChronoLogic Moves Forward With Temporal Innovation in 2018

ChronoLogic's vision has always been to solve time-based problems on the blockchain. The partnership with Piper Mirriam on the Ethereum Alarm Clock has provided a core focus on scheduling with a lot of tooling for scheduling applications.

Decentralized, Trustless Scheduling

The Ethereum Alarm Clock is the first on-chain, decentralized scheduling protocol for Ethereum, it provides crypto-economic incentives for TimeNodes to execute transactions in the future for third parties. This opens up a lot of use-cases …

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MILC to Create a Blockchain-Managed License, Trading, & Sales Platform for HQ Video Content

The market plausibility of the global TV industry is huge. With video content being the highest selling commodity of late, this high-potential sector is effortlessly striding towards a whopping 500 billion Euros turnover by the end of 2018. The growing international content trade in TV, VOD and online publishing, however, is not without the inherent hassles involving complex license agreements and disquieting intermediaries.

Resulting from the increased projection of video licenses into global markets is …

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DYNO – Promoting Wellness and Leveraging Private Health Data Using Blockchain

There are over 165,000 health and wellness apps available through the Apple App Store today. According to experts at Rice University, formal government bodies such as the Food and Drug Administration (in both the United States as well as in the European Union) and the European Medicines Agency regulate only a fraction of those apps. Depending on how an app is classified by official bodies, the health-related data that an app collects may or may …

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GDPR and Blockchain – YMB Podcast E244

You, Me, and BTC E244

This is episode 244 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

If "privacy policy bingo" was a real game, everyone on the internet would have won this month. Google, Twitter, Uber, the Tooth Fairy, and everyone else made changes recently because of the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data protection is certainly important, but it's highly likely that the EU went way too far with this one. We'll …

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Yumerium’s Player-Driven Blockchain Ecosystem is Poised to Disrupt the World of Online Gaming

The popularity of online gaming has grown tremendously in recent years. With a global market cap worth roughly 110 billion dollars and counting, the gaming industry shows no signs of slowing down. Despite the meteoric rise in popularity, the current state of this booming market is plagued by some serious issues. Yumerium's decentralized gaming platform may be just the answer the world's roughly 1 billion gamers are hoping for.

As advancements in network technology have …

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Yondo ICO To Shape The Future of Online Video With Artificial Intelligence

Mentioned amongst Google Docs, Slack, and Mailchimp as one of the "Top 9 Must-Have Online Tools" on Forbes.com, Yondo is the world's all-in-one ecommerce video solution. Now, in order to shape the future of online video, Yondo is going crypto.

Yondo provides businesses with the platform to sell services via a range of video options. The platform operates in 114 countries, offering integrations with over 30 of the world's top online services and …

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