Yumerium’s Player-Driven Blockchain Ecosystem is Poised to Disrupt the World of Online Gaming

The popularity of online gaming has grown tremendously in recent years. With a global market cap worth roughly 110 billion dollars and counting, the gaming industry shows no signs of slowing down. Despite the meteoric rise in popularity, the current state of this booming market is plagued by some serious issues. Yumerium's decentralized gaming platform may be just the answer the world's roughly 1 billion gamers are hoping for.

As advancements in network technology have enabled gaming to become more social, interactive, and community-oriented, the landscape of the gaming industry has changed dramatically. It has shifted from a largely isolated practice to a social one, and particularly with the rise of e-sports, gaming has moved from a pay-to-play environment to one that creates opportunities for players to earn as they play.

While barriers between individual gamers have been, in many ways, knocked down, a major barrier remains between the handful of major corporations that dominate the gaming industry and the many millions of people that they serve. Centralized companies act as gatekeepers, regulating access through high platform fees and providing an insufficient infrastructure for transferring value between players. Long delays, lack of multi-party support, third-party processing fees, lack of support for micropayments, minimal protection from fraud, and no real transparency are all problems that arise from the centralized nature of the gaming industry and the resulting infrastructure.

Yumerium introduces a new kind of decentralized infrastructure designed to create more opportunities for gamers, game developers, and community-driven projects. Taking a multi-pronged approach, Yumerium provides a streamlined gaming ecosystem that connects gamers and developers and fosters collaboration and creativity, emphasizing the "earn-to-play" model of gaming.

By issuing its own token, YUM, on the blockchain, Yumerium will provide a decentralized payment gateway that is totally transparent, supports microtransactions, and requires very little in terms of transaction fees. The YUM token will allow value to be exchanged freely and quickly throughout the platform, making in-game items and add-ons much easier, cheaper, and faster to purchase.

In addition to purchasing power, YUM tokens can also be earned on the platform through participation and rewards. Community members can earn YUM by contributing reviews, link sharing, offering tips and tricks, posting helpful videos, and other kinds of creative engagement. People can vote for content they like, allowing for balanced, organic curation. Yumerium deploys cutting-edge artificial intelligence to monitor and guard against bots and other malicious actors misusing the platform.

Community voting also plays an important role for developers in Yumerium's built-in crowdfunding platform. Players can vote for the ideas they like by contributing YUM towards seeing them developed. Developers, in turn, can raise funds and get paid to build games that people are really excited about. Because YUM is distributed via the blockchain, developers don't have to worry about fraud, high fees, or long wait times to receive payment. By connecting gamers directly with game developers through its decentralized blockchain infrastructure, Yumerium opens the doors to a new era of innovation for online gaming.

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