MILC to Create a Blockchain-Managed License, Trading, & Sales Platform for HQ Video Content

The market plausibility of the global TV industry is huge. With video content being the highest selling commodity of late, this high-potential sector is effortlessly striding towards a whopping 500 billion Euros turnover by the end of 2018. The growing international content trade in TV, VOD and online publishing, however, is not without the inherent hassles involving complex license agreements and disquieting intermediaries.

Resulting from the increased projection of video licenses into global markets is the optimum magnitude of allied discrepancies at the global standing. Unlike music licensing that solely bases the music file concerned, a single video license can represent several different types of files and extended contracts where the usage rights require more precise definition. The varying global legal systems, the divergence of contract laws and undefined standards further cause complications that convoy series of redevelopment and amendments to the same license agreements repeatedly. Agreements on various factors including usage period, usage type, exclusivity/non-exclusivity, partial 'clip' sale, broadcast frequency and licensing in target countries demand trusted partner structure to standardize and automate contracts while simultaneously offering a high degree of legal protection to both vendors and purchasers alike.

Welt der Wunder TV, a leading TV network group rooted in Germany and Switzerland is planning to accomplish this role through its progressive ICO, MILC (Micro Licensing Coin). MILC is a completely new blockchain-managed license, trading and sales platform for high-quality video content for the international broadcasting, VOD and online video publishing sectors. It is a Blockchain backed, user-friendly platform which is a video distribution system that makes all the crucial variations of contract law available to both content owners and content buyers. The MILC application disintermediates the insider market through making market analysis of individual market conditions and trends a transparent affair, thus explicating essential pricing orientations to producers. It defines the most important usage periods as efficiently negotiable standards and also offers templates for pre-defining different types of uses and partial sales to the vendors. Also, it irons out the creases on broadcast status by making it transparent, consistently updated and real time. Therefore, purchasers can have appropriately priced content to purchase in the second or third evaluation cycle.

The Germany-based Welt der Wunder TV has an ingrained reputation as one inimitable brand in high-quality content and broadcasting sphere over decades. It's alliance with global leading content providers, TV stations and every other media platform serve as proof of its experience and exposure as the central operative professional media industry, altogether, rendering MILC ICO greater credibility on the global rampart.

Holding hands with Welt der Wunder in finalization of construction and operational execution of the video platform is SwissTXT - the technical subsidiary of the Swiss television company SRG and a highly specialized provider in the broadcast technology and video asset management sector. It is also partnered in banking with Swisscom Blockchain AG, a global contender in Blockchain technology, for effective implementation and operation of MILC Blockchain application. This efficacious blend of experience and expertise makes the entire system rather secure, induces the highest degree of operational safety and elevates the chances for a successful launch all the same.

The MILC Blockchain distribution platform makes use of smart contracts to condense all relevant sales factors for vendors and purchasers, resulting in a legally compliant and automated execution through their legitimate, automated and immutable nature. The content providers can eventually benefit from an overview of the entire global market of potential customers, without losing the additional 30% to 50% sales commission for their pockets. Simultaneously, the content purchasers can correspond directly with the provider segment regarding the content variants and future productions without the involvement of a third party.

Further, the structure of MILC Blockchain distribution platform can be scaled to other media sectors as well. It can create easily understandable, market-ready smart contract structures, opening up a broader multi-billion market for the platform. The greatest potential of MILC lies in the fact that there are numerous branches that are battling similar problems in transactions. MILC can serve as a blueprint for these sectors and stand a chance to channelize and grow on the challenges prevalent in these industries. This is also the factor that can set aside MILC as a revolutionary ICO on the global platform in the time to come.

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