YMB Podcast E7: Bitcoin and Big Business

iTunes Removes Blockchain from App StoreThe App Store has given Blockchain the axe and we start off this week's episode with a good bit of whining about Apple. We do our best to determine why the company took this course of action and decide whether it was right or wrong. Later, we chat about MtGox's decision to stop servicing Bitcoin withdrawals from their exchange. We try to figure out why they chose to handle the situation like this and what kind of reaction it will cause in the Bitcoin community. To finish things off, we talk about other private companies and how they deal with setbacks, bugs, and other problems that result in broken promises.

Note: Since recording this episode, MtGox has announced that they chose to cease Bitcoin withdrawals because of a bug in the Bitcoin software. This does not excuse the company completely, but it does help us understand what was going on, so keep that in mind while we discuss the actions taken.

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