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10,000 Malnourished Fists in the Air – Tim’s Two Cents #13

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This is episode 13 of Tim's Two Cents – the outrageous show where Tim argues with himself.

This episode is entirely for your benefit. Tim knows what you need better than you do, so he created this podcast out of the kindness of his heart. It's an act of selfless service to you.

This week, Tim covers socialism.

A lot of Americans like to shit on socialism. Libertarians, in particular, love to wreck the concept because they know how devastating it can be. But then moments later, many people defend clearly socialized services like Medicare and the military. Maybe they think some socialism is more equal than other socialism?

But what's really wrong with the idea of sharing everything? Why can't socialism support a growing community? And is there anything good about it? Do we need more safety nets from the government?

Tim will wrestle with all that and more in this week edition of Tim's Two Cents. This social movement promises relief from the greedy corporation culture we find ourselves in, but Tim knows better than to believe that promise. Tune in now!

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